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July 2017

Many Outplacement Services Leave Executives Out of the Equation

Many Outplacement Services Leave Executives Out of the Equation

The idea of expanding your business can be exciting, but the reality is that many companies will have to restructure or downsize at some point in time, too. When an organization has to conduct layoffs, they may hire an outplacement consultant or firm to ease their employees' transition. At one end of the spectrum, an outplacement company might simply provide help brushing up resumes, while the best outplacement companies spend weeks coaching employees and helping them acquire new skills. After all, according to a survey from Robert Half, nearly one-third of 1,400 surveyed executives felt the top reason for failed hires was a poor skills match. By working with outplacement companies, former employees can get the support they need.

However, too many outplacement companies leave out a critical group of employees: high-level managers and executives. These employees are often among a business's most skilled and valuable team members, but because the average outplacement company isn't equipped to help these administrators, they're often left out to dry during a critical transition time in their careers.

Even when organizations find they no longer require as many middle managers as they did in the past, it's still vital to provide assistance, rather than only financial compensation, for these employees. After all, thanks to quiet age discrimination, middle-aged managers often have a particularly difficult time finding new work. Therefore, companies need to work with outplacement services specifically geared towards executives and managers to provide customized support. These outplacement HR consultants will not actually find new positions for these employees; rather, they'll help them develop necessary skills and attitudes necessary for a job search that results in success.

The right outplacement company will provide managers with advice about the psychological impact of job loss and how he or she can prepare to seek out a new position. Employees may also be tested so that consultants can assess soft skills and personality traits. Then, these HR consultants will guide employees through the modern job-hunting process. For regular employees, this typically includes resume writing, interview skills, and how best to market themselves. Of course, managers and C-suite level executives may need a higher level of support. This process is especially important for middle management, as these jobs are highly coveted and fraught with competition.

With more companies embracing technological advancements and unconventional infrastructures, some are also finding that middle managers aren't as necessary as they were in the past. Without an outplacement firm that understands how to help these valuable workers, they can be stuck on the job market for months, even years. Large outplacement firms tend to embrace a one-size-fits-all approach, but regardless of whether you're laying off an entry-level employee or a long-time manager, it's much better to work with consultants who will tailor an approach specifically for that individual's success.

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