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Human Resources Advisory

Frederickson Partners has spent over 28 years helping the most successful startups and transformative and high-growth organizations develop a scalable HR strategy and roadmap that enables growth, attracting and retaining top talent, motivating employees, minimizing risk and satisfying legal and regulatory requirements.

The right HR strategy, combined with a culture that promotes the best way of working, produces shared vision and value for your business. When everyone—from board to executives to individuals—is operating from the same playbook, you gain a powerful force for accomplishing business goals. With our HR consulting and advisory practice, we design HR strategies to help you achieve this alignment. We work with boards of directors to improve HR governance and compliance, and help corporations develop communications and branding strategies to convey your culture and strategic vision to employees.

HR Consulting: Our Advisory Services

Our world-class advisors are the partners you need to propel your HR functions to the next level. Our strategic HR consulting services include:

The majority of our clients fall within the buckets of Startups and Unicorns, Transforming Businesses or High-Growth Enterprise. If your organization is within these categories, following is a summary of HR initiatives that are top of mind for an organization at either of these stages. If you don’t see a category that fits you, no problem, our expertise extends far beyond. We will work with you to find a solution that’s right for you.

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Frederickson Partners is one of the top-rated HR Executive Search firms, with expertise in placing Chief People Officers (CPOs), Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs), Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) and other HR leaders. We have access to the broadest network of People and HR executives in the world, and a 25-year reputation as a human resources talent search firm and HR Advisory provider.

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