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A millenial employee consults a mobile device while working on her laptop.

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December 2017

4 Common Assumptions About Millennials That Aren't Exactly True

Young employees bring new skills and energy to your company. But are typical assumptions about millennials keeping you away from a great talent pool? 

It’s no secret that millennials have a negative connotation associated with their background. Many people think that millennials are lazy, careless, and feel as if they’re entitled. However, that isn’t always the case.

As an employer, it can be nerve-racking to hire a millennial. You want to make sure that you’re hiring reliable people who are actually passionate about their work. Even though you may think millennials are best to avoid, that group actually produces many people who care about their job and can bring new, innovative ideas to the table. Working with job placement agencies or HR executive recruiters can help you find the perfect millennials for the job, and successfully attract and retain them.

There are many misconceptions about the millennial group that can hinder the views of employers. Here are four common assumptions about millennials that aren’t exactly true.

Millennials Aren’t Loyal

Many people think that millennials can’t find the strength in themselves to stay with one company for a long time. They think that those in that age-range job hop all around the place. However, that isn’t the case. Many millennials are extremely serious about their position. A lot of them will reach out to a career placement agency to find the perfect job fit for them. By doing this, they find exactly where they need to be and actually stay with their company longer.

They Have Trouble Following Directions

According to a survey completed by The Economist, 41% of millennials said that it’s important to follow the directions of the employer, even if they don’t understand why. The survey also says that only 30% of baby boomers agreed with that view. If you are an employer and are worried about finding someone who will follow directions, HR executive recruiters will make sure that they find the best people for the job that have no problem doing what they are told. The HR executive recruiters will stress how important it is to do what employers say, so finding someone who will follow the rules will be easy.

They Work Better in a Digital Setting

Just because millennial employees understand and frequently use smartphone technology doesn’t mean that they would rather use their phones instead of speaking with someone face-to-face. When they are required to learn something new, they tend to prefer learning about the subject in person versus over the phone or virtually. HR executive recruiters will make sure that the potential employee has great in-person communication skills. Using HR executive search consultants to find the perfect employee prevents you as a business owner from having to restructure your employee count constantly.

Millennials Feel as if They Need to be Rewarded

Many people think that millennials are always looking to be compensated or rewarded for doing their jobs. They think this group needs constant reassurance that they are doing their job well. However, millennials have grown to learn that adults don’t always get participation trophies. They have learned that just because no one is cheering them on all the time doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing their jobs well. However, it doesn’t hurt to reward your employees. In fact, 86% of companies with employee recognition perks have said that they have happier employees.

Millennials can, and typically do, work as hard as all of the people who have come before them, and may even stay with their jobs longer than any previous employees.

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