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Types of HR Executive Roles

Human Resources (HR) and People and Culture executives are strategic HR business leaders integral to a company’s success. Reporting to the CEO or CFO, these types of HR leaders work with other HR executives to translate an organization’s business strategy into a “people plan” with strategies, systems, processes and programs to recruit, train, motivate, develop, compensate and retain employees; manage performance; maintain legal compliance; and convey to employees that the company’s success stems from their contributions and that the organization values those employees.

Depending on your organization’s stage of growth, under the Human Resources arm there are other key types of HR roles to take into account. Whether it’s adding a Head of Talent Acquisition (TA) with a more strategic lens to support growth plans, or hiring a Head of Total Rewards to rethink your benefits packages and keep you competitive in the market when looking for top talent, you’ll want a well-rounded view of what makes sense for your organization. As experts in HR recruiting, we can help you make those decisions.

Titles of Human Resources Leaders

Frederickson Partners has a 27-year outstanding reputation in HR recruiting, or retained executive search. The roles for which we conduct retained executive searches include:

The Evolution From Traditional to Modern People Organizations: New Types of HR Roles

In the today’s HR organization, leadership has taken on a transformative and increasingly strategic role. People leaders require a unique set of skills to navigate this dynamic environment successfully. For example, one must now possess a deep understanding of the interplay between people,technology, and organizational goals.

See the Modern HR Leader Infographic for insights into the differences between traditional and modern HR roles.

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HR Executive Categories for HR Recruiting

People Operations Executives
These executives focus on strategy, organizational design and culture. They hire human resources managers and individual contributors to handle systems, processes and daily transactions.

Employee Success Executives
These executives have expertise in conveying to employees that the company’s success stems from their contributions and that the organization values them deeply.

Talent Acquisition (TA) and Talent Management Executives
TA and Talent Management executives identify and translate a company’s goals and objectives into a comprehensive recruitment, development, and retention strategy to enable attracting, motivating and retaining the talent critical to helping grow the organization’s markets and product portfolios. Consistently at the forefront of global workforce trends, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management leaders develop creative talent pipelining and advancement opportunities to continuously ensure the organization’s prominence as a market leader.

Total Rewards Executives (Compensation, Employee Benefits, HRIS and Analytics)
Total Rewards executives advance a company’s competitiveness in the labor market by leading executive compensation, long- and short-term incentives, sales compensation, total rewards, equity strategy, employee benefits programs, base and bonus guidelines, and company compensation philosophy. They also track HRIS metrics and analytics to support each program.

Learning and Development Executives
Organizations that emphasize continual learning and development (L&D) outperform counterparts that don’t provide these opportunities, according to research. L&D executives influence marketplace performance by helping a company develop skills in its workforce that will differentiate it from competitors.

HR Business Partners (HRBPs)
HRBPs have the expertise of an HR generalist and the mindset of a businessperson. Tapping into functional leaders in their global Centers-of-Excellence (COE’s), often referred to as shared services, these savvy HR Business Partners understand their business line’s strategic business plan and objectives, and use the correct reward, performance and development programs to promote their organization’s success within the company.

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Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company is a market leader in retained executive search since 1995. As one of the top-rated HR executive search and C-suite recruiting firms, we have expertise in placing Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Legal Officers and many other senior leaders. We draw on a broad network of rising and established executives and leaders, and a 28-year reputation as a talent acquisition and HR Advisory provider.

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