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Our Executive Search Process

The competition for market share and the push to bring products to market quickly has led to an intense war for talent among both Fortune 100 and startup companies, who must find creative ways to attract the best people. This has elevated the need for top executive talent, with CEOs now hiring highly strategic, sophisticated C-level  executives, from Chief Revenue Officers and Chief People Officers to Chief Finance or Marketing Officers, to help drive their organizations.

Whether conducting a CHRO executive search or on the hunt for a Head of Finance, Frederickson Partners’ approach to finding the right executive talent combines creativity and aggressiveness in search with compassion and warmth in building relationships among our search team, clients and candidates. It’s a model that positions you to win the war on talent. Our executive recruiters, at their core, love working with people and they partner with you to identify the best executives to achieve your business goals.

From CEO to CHRO Executive Search – Our Long Standing Relationships and Expertise

With deep roots and connections to executives in HR (we have worked on CHRO executive searches for many major and emerging companies) and many other disciplines, both globally and in Silicon Valley, we can usually short-list candidates immediately upon kickoff. We know the trendsetters, rising stars, senior statesmen, MBA’s with non-traditional backgrounds, non-traditional innovators and everybody in-between. We build long-term relationships with our candidates. The expertise of our executive recruiters ranges from ongoing confidential, advisory conversations with organizational leaders, to conducting backdoor reference checks that other firms cannot.

Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Every Search

At Frederickson Partners, we strongly believe that different viewpoints create the most innovation and creativity amongst a strong workforce. To us, diversity, equity and inclusion is not a one-off initiative but a frame-of-mind. Throughout the search process, whether focused on D&I or other leadership roles, we cast the widest net to ensure that your candidate slate includes executives with different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and beliefs.

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“I am extremely happy with the search process. At the start, I set out a timeline and that's how the search went. The candidate we hired was one of the first you brought into the process. The team understood what Tripwire needed and aligned candidates accordingly. The assessments of what we needed were also very good. I really have no feedback on improvements!”

Subhajit Bagchi / PRESIDENT

Executive Recruiters Use Cutting-edge Assessment Practices

The cost of hiring the wrong person is immense. Yet, whether conducting a CEO, CFO or CHRO executive search or recruiting another VP or senior leader, many companies don’t know how to properly assess what they need in an executive. We use behavioral-based interviews to uncover intrinsic traits, and top-grading methodology to produce a comprehensive picture of each candidate’s personality, strengths and weaknesses and work history.

With our other best practices, these assessment activities help our executive recruiters target leaders and innovators who are the most qualified and offer the ideal fit for a client.

Our unique 21-point assessment evaluates:

On-demand Search Metrics

Clients deserve transparency, control and predictability in the executive search process. We deliver it with interactive weekly search reports, timely benchmark data, compensation market data for salary/benefit negotiations, and detailed final assessments that provide insight into the entire search process.

Open Communications

We’re not just about the data. Relationships matter. Throughout the search process, we maintain ongoing dialogue and feedback with clients to address questions and issues. Open communication allows searches to move briskly and ensures that selected candidates are aligned with company needs.

We also provide clients with a tool for tracking candidates’ reactions during interviews and for ranking candidates post-interview. We help clients build and pre-shop offers to candidates, and aggressively compete to win during multiple-offer situations.

Seamless Offer Negotiation Process

In today’s hot market for strategic executives, candidates often get multiple offers and negotiations can take time.

Because we talk continuously to many candidates, our executive recruiters have access to the most up-to-date information on compensation packages, both total cash and equity trends, enabling you to stay ahead of your competition in wooing your chosen candidate. We then pre-socialize your offer with the candidate so that once you extend the formal offer, you know it will be accepted on the spot.

Onboarding Consulting and Executive Coaching

Integrating a new leader onto the executive team always comes with its challenges. We partner with you to develop a framework for the first day, week, and month, ensuring your new executive is optimally set up for success. For first-time C-level leaders, we also offer a mentorship opportunity with a long-time trendsetter in the space, aligning for industry knowledge and functional expertise.

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“The team has been fantastic. It went really swimmingly. Some areas to highlight were the reporting process, status updating; and the documentation you provided, among the best I’ve seen. It instilled confidence in me that the process was proceeding even if we weren’t in touch for a couple of days. The quality and caliber of candidates you brought to the table were extremely high…Really positive experience.”

Fran Benjamin / VP OF PEOPLE

Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company is a market leader in retained executive search since 1995. As one of the top-rated HR executive search and C-suite recruiting firms, we have expertise in placing Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Legal Officers and many other senior leaders. We draw on a broad network of rising and established executives and leaders, and a 28-year reputation as a talent acquisition and HR Advisory provider.

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