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Interim HR Consulting

As a key feature of our human resources consulting and advisory services, Frederickson Partners provides part and full-time interim HR consultants to serve as temporary CHROs and Heads of HR or People in client organizations. Our fully screened and vetted HR contractors are experienced interim executives. They have the specific expertise and skills to enter new organizations on interim leadership jobs, and immediately add value and be productive.

Interim HR Consulting: A New Strategy for Agile Leadership

short-term or interim executive is a seasoned expert who steps in temporarily to provide stability, leadership, and direction during times of transition. There has been a recent surge in demand for interim executives, by some estimates doubling since 2022.

When hiring an interim HR consultant, it’s important to assure that the individual will be able to fit into your organization, understand your culture and expectations, know your software and programs and be able to provide leadership consulting and support right away, with no learning curve or false starts. Frederickson Partners works with candidates whom we already have known for many years, and with whom we have an established, trusting relationship. Many of our HR consultants join us when they retire from a full-time career and spend the next 10-20 years contracting through us to do leadership consulting and interim executive jobs and staffing.

We use the same executive search process and methodologies that we utilize in our executive recruiting practice to determine our clients’ needs, and to screen and match HR contractors to our clients. This includes in-depth assessment, ongoing reporting and search metrics, open communications and executive coaching.

For more on the steps and significant benefits of hiring an interim leader, see Interim Executives & Leadership: What You Need to Know.

Our Track Record

Sample projects include staffing the following interim HR consultant roles:

Is your organization in need of HR executive help quickly, to help meet a short-term need or provide immediate executive consulting? Reach out to us to let us know about your requirements.

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