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The speed of global technology breakthroughs has aggressively heated up the race for market-share. To stay relevant, your organizational development and continued ability to pivot nimbly and stay ahead of the curve has become more crucial than ever. Developing a transformative work environment that increases employee engagement and productivity requires succinctly sharing your organization’s vision with everyone in the company so that employees can grow, take risks and develop.

Organizational Development

As a Human Resources talent search firm and HR advisor, we help you discover and diagnose how your team communicates information and makes decisions providing recommendations on gaps and deficiencies to correct. We have helped clients flatten their organizations to speed decision making; assessed and coached executives and new managers on management behaviors; improved performance management, and empowered groups to be more efficient and collaborative.

Organizational Assessment

Like a competitive athlete, a finely tuned organization performs at maximum capability when all its essential elements are optimized and working together, so the sum of its parts is greater than the whole. Eliminating weaknesses and nurturing strengths is a continual process that begins with the right evaluation of your people, processes and technology.

We help companies achieve full potential through organizational assessments and evaluations, leadership assessments and audits.

Organizational Development and AssessmentHuman Resources Advisory

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“We appreciate the focus and willingness from your team, the ability to course-correct as needed. I appreciate your attention in particular, creating discipline for all of us including myself and keeping a solid process. The results speak for themselves."


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“We’ve been happy with the process and the quality of the candidates. You’ve found people who are good fit for us culturally… not just finding people with the right skill set, but finding people who would be a good fit in the organization.”


Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company is a market leader in retained executive search since 1995. As one of the top-rated HR executive search and C-suite recruiting firms, we have expertise in placing Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Legal Officers and many other senior leaders. We draw on a broad network of rising and established executives and leaders, and a 28-year reputation as a talent acquisition and HR Advisory provider.

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