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Creating a diverse workplace can help you build a talented and high-achieving pool of executives.

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September 2019

The Importance of Creating a Diverse Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is still a relatively new concept. Ethnically diverse and gender-diverse companies have only become commonplace within the past 60 years, meaning that many companies have yet to truly encompass these values. Gender and race equality movements have pushed for fair treatment in the work world, such as equal pay and the same opportunities for higher-level positions.

While every company should engage with a diverse number of employees, having a diverse array of employees can also offer a lot of benefits to your company. This goal can be achievable with the help of HR executive recruitment services. HR executive search firms have access to a talented and, of course, diverse pool of executives that help your company do great things. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of having diversity in the workplace.

Higher performance in the workplace

Research shows that diversity helps boost the performance of your company. McKinsey reports that companies with greater gender diversity financially outperform less diverse companies by 25%; for those with greater ethnic diversity the difference is 36%. This is likely attributed to the fact that your company will get a variety of different ideas, contributions, and suggestions from small projects to big meetings. It’s thanks to a variety of voices that points are brought up and ideas are shared that you might have never thought of otherwise.

HR executive recruitment firms want the most talented people they can find. When you allow your workplace to be diverse, you don’t run the risk of passing up great workers based on something as simple as gender or the color of their skin. You can build an amazing team based on their ability to boost performance for your company.

You can inspire change

Gender and ethnic equality are still issues being rallied for today. Although there has been a great deal of progress in this area, there is always room for improvement and change. Choosing to have a diverse company and working with the community to better this issue can boost your company’s popularity since you’re striving to change people’s lives for the better.

People want to support progressive companies. They want to know that anyone who is talented and smart can get work in the career of their choice without being discriminated against. You can get people to rally around your business by being that kind of employer.

Opening your doors to diverse employees based on their values and skills, and creating a diverse workplace, will progress your company in great ways. You will have a greater talent pool to choose from and can create a team that will blow you away. Rely on Frederickson Partners when you want to hire a specialized Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) leader or just find the best talent your area has to offer.

Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company is a market leader in retained executive search since 1995. As one of the top-rated HR executive search and C-suite recruiting firms, we have expertise in placing Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Legal Officers and many other senior leaders. We draw on a broad network of rising and established executives and leaders, and a 28-year reputation as a talent acquisition and HR Advisory provider.

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