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Diversity and Inclusion

Frederickson Partners has a 25-year history of committing both our values and actions to improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our corporate employers, and in our own company. Every search we conduct has a focus on a broad swath of diverse candidates, our own team is highly diverse, and we coach our clients on how to best secure diverse HR leaders. We are known global thought leaders in diversity and inclusion consulting. How does this affect your business? We help your company outperform the market by providing you with a wider swath of diverse candidates who will bring better decision making to your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

We train our clients on the best practices for D&I, including specific, accountable steps your talent acquisition team can take to improve hiring metrics.

Diversity and Inclusion Human Resources Executive Search

In addition to providing a diverse slate of People and HR candidates for every executive search and following best practices for diversity recruitment, we conduct searches for Chief Diversity Officers, Heads of Diversity and Inclusion, and other specific diversity leader roles.

Diversity and Inclusion Board Placement

Our network includes a wide variety of experienced and diverse corporate leaders who are sitting senior executives at major corporations. These leaders have the strategic experience and qualifications to bring value to your board, or to take on additional board seats. Board candidates range from Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) to other general business executives. If you are a CEO or board member and are recruiting additional board seats, please contact us to discuss.

Diversity and Inclusion at Frederickson

Equality. Diversity. Inclusion. Consciousness. Reduced bias. Fairness. Making the world a better place. At Frederickson, this is who we are and what we believe in. These are the actions we take every day.

We consciously recruit for, hire, and develop a diverse team because it is the right thing to do and it’s what we value. We know that we perform better and gain more joy from our work lives when we are a diverse team. We believe that our team needs to reflect the real world, not the old world. Both in our diversity and inclusion consulting and our broad practice, we recruit for abilities and potential, not just for demonstrated experience. We recruit for shared values, not shared culture. We welcome and embrace, rather than excluding and limiting.

Client Case Study:

Constructing a D&I Focused People Team

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Executive Roles

Global Diversity Officer

Diversity Recruiting Leader

Global Head of Diversity Business Partners

Diversity Engagement Leader



Technology (Social Media)


During a period of tremendous growth and transformation for Facebook, the company needed to increase the visibility and importance attached to D&I efforts across the organization. Frederickson Partners engaged with the Facebook executive team and the 37-person Diversity Council to entire determine the requirements for the roles and recruitment process. A Global Chief Diversity Officer joined the company from White & Case. Three other D&I executives were also hired (from General Electric, Newmont, and Roche) to build the team.

Diversity and Inclusion News and Articles Featuring Frederickson Partners

Frederickson Partners is one of the top-rated HR Executive Search firms, with expertise in placing Chief People Officers (CPOs), Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs), Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) and other HR leaders. We have access to the broadest network of People and HR executives in the world, and a 25-year reputation as a human resources talent search firm and HR Advisory provider.

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