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June 2016

4 Tips for Working with Outplacement Services Companies

Let’s face it: the job market is unpredictable and tough these days. So much so that 57% of businesses state employee retention as one of their biggest issues. Employee turnover can cost a company anywhere from 16% to 214% of the departing employee’s salary.

In an attempt to improve employee retention or even to simply fill the open positions, many businesses turn to outplacement services companies, including HR advisory or consulting firms. Considering that Jobvite discovered that 53% of people with jobs are still open to new job prospects even without actively looking, here are a few tips on how to get the most from outplacement services.

Use your counselor to your advantage. Use the knowledge your career counselor has to practice what you’ll say in your upcoming interviews. Find out the best ways to answer questions about yourself, like identifying your strengths and weaknesses and why you are no longer in your last position. Learn the do’s and don’ts of interviewing to help you land the job you want.

Go to networking meetings. Many outplacement companies hold networking meetings on a routine basis to help job seekers benefit from talking to others. These sessions help to motivate those looking for jobs and make them feel like they’re not wasting their time. There is nothing worse than feeling alone or that you are putting in more effort than you need to because you are not seeing results. Find out what works for others in your position and what doesn’t in the job search process.

Turn your experience into valuable assets. For many people who are older in age or have years of experience in a particular field, use the knowledge you have to your advantage. Work with your counselor to target smaller companies in your field that may be looking for leadership positions to fill. You just may find your niche again.

Complain if your counselor isn’t meeting your needs. If you feel that your counselor is not meeting your expectations, get in touch with the office manager or human resources to learn about your options for changing counselors. Look for counselors within an outplacement service company that can give you the time you need, share the same interest in helping you obtain a job, and can provide the useful advice you need to help you.

In finding out what the best outplacement services firm has to offer, keep these things in mind. Your counselor is here to help you. Use their knowledge to your advantage as well as your own experience. Attend networking meetings to get feedback from other sources. Say something if you are not pleased with the counselor assigned to you. In conclusion, there are many things the best outplacement services can do to help you.

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