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January 2019

2 Successful HR Strategies For Startups That Will Make All The Difference

2 Successful HR Strategies For Startups That Will Make All The Difference

We know how it is: you've put the finishing touches on your startup company, have rounded up a few select employees to get the ball rolling, and want to jump into production as soon as possible. While passion and gumption are desirable traits in a CEO or president, they can also lead to a business's downfall if all the boxes are not checked.

By the end of June 2015, around 2.7 million American workers voluntarily left their jobs, signifying a desire for a workplace environment that is more suited to their needs and interests. Human resources are in charge of employee satisfaction and engagement, so if your HR startup checklist has not been completed -- or has not been completed with enough attention -- your company could be dead in the water before it ever even really had the chance to swim. Here are two HR strategies for startups that are guaranteed to keep your company afloat.

  • Don't Rush Recruiting: It may be easier to think that getting bodies in the door is the most important part of getting your business rolling, but hiring the wrong people can do more harm than good, costing your brand new company precious time and money that it may not have. Recruiting should be conducted with the same type of strategic thought and urgency as any other capital venture. If you take the time to ensure the right people are in the right positions, critical business functions will go off without a hitch and other areas can grow as a result.
  • Consider Culture: Workplace culture is what creates and inspires the mood within your company; it goes far beyond what the leadership says that they want it to be, and instead is created, perceived, and passed on by the employees through the interactions they have with each other and their managers. Core values and the company's mission statement should always be visible and reinforced, establishing a workplace experience that encourages its members to put forth their best effort, and can even contribute to happiness and engagement.

If the implementation of any of these ideas seems daunting or overwhelming, don't worry! There are a number of human resources consultants and HR recruiters available to help your startup get off on the right foot. With the right HR strategies for startups, your business will be growing in no time, and may even gain a reputation as one of the best places to work.