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  April 1, 2022: We bring news of the HR/People industry, covering big changes in areas like back-to-work, learning and development, employee engagement, compensation, succession planning, HR tech and much more.  

The United States’ Center for Disease Control directive GR8-W8, nicknamed the Sourdough Bread Law, takes effect April 1, 2022. This novel healthcare ruling qualifies employees with Covid weight gain for special on-the-job protections and accommodations.


Due to Covid stress, extended lockdowns and frankly too much sourdough bread making, 61% of U.S. citizens were victims of weight gain during the past 24 months. This ground-breaking ruling provides relief for millions of wheat-enhanced workers, although employers’ responsibilities are still being fleshed out. For those who gained weight during Covid even if not from sourdough but from focaccia, ciabatta, panettone or brioche, the ruling mandates that employers must accommodate this protected class by providing ovens, bread-making stations and warming trays at work, along with a variety of unsalted and salted butters.


Declining Birthrates Mandate More Procreation or Revised 2047 Succession Plans


According to the think tank Brookings, Covid caused a 3.7% drop in births across the U.S. in the first year of the pandemic and it now appears that like those cute pandas at the zoo, young adults of breeding age are just no longer, ahem, in the mood. 25 years from now


this will have disastrous consequences for global labor markets. We at Frederickson Partners are diligently searching for creative ways to turn the tide, beyond the usual playing Marvin Gaye and opening a bottle of wine which worked wonders for an older generation. With this is mind, we’re conducting a confidential HR survey and ask for all HR and People leaders’ participation. We’ll share the results next Valentine’s Day.

Survey: What do you think what romantic acts might inspire your young employees? (Replies can go here.)

  • Couples Zumba classes
  • Re-watching Bridgerton Season I
  • Doing each other’s laundry and folding it nicely
  • Sharing IGs and SnapChat handles with new friends
  • Wearing matching fuzzy onesies
  • Bread making

The Newest Candidate Pools? Fido and Fluffy


Many of us had been duped by the SPCA into believing that kind, caring and frankly, a bit lonely people were the candidates adopting all those little doggies, kitties and bun-buns from animal shelters during the pandemic.


We believed that the adoption increases were due to the “hoomans” feeling bad for the animals and wanting to provide them with nicer homes. However, a new study from the Wall Street Journal has unearthed the true reasons. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it easier for all sorts of employees to complete most of their work without actually paying attention to what they’re doing or even thinking. People used to joke that a trained monkey could do their jobs. Now with the right AI setup, millions of tech workers, customer service agents and even pediatricians have put their pets to work.

Future studies will confirm this as a win-win: the pets are less bored now that they’re writing code, negotiating deals and diagnosing ear infections over Zoom instead of that tedious ball chasing and nap taking, and the owners feel less guilty about their secret Netflix daytime addictions. With Bridgerton’s second season hitting the little screen, it’s actually better if the “hoomans” are not catching up with Season 1 while on Zooms, if you know what we mean.


Get Ready for the Great Toddler Termination


This first day of April will prove to be a demoralizing day for many of us. Due to all our kids having watched us conduct our jobs at home during Covid, they’ve unanimously realized that all we do is sit on our rears and talk and type


– and to be blunt, they think they can do that a whole lot better. And they’re right. So today we’re all getting fired and replaced by our kids.


HR TECH CORNER: The Best New Apps for the Modern Workplace



Enter your salary and DollarDiministher will show you the actual portion of your hard-earned wages that inflation is robbing from you, minute by minute.


Like its predecessor AmIHotOrNot AmIRichOrNot? is geared toward Gen Z’ers, some of whom per the Wall Street Journal are receiving staggeringly high salaries in this tight labor market. This app shows them them how much more they’re worth every second as tech employers across the U.S. compete for a limited pool of recent college grads.


Matt Lauer Seeking Expert Role as Sexual Harassment Trainer


Matt Lauer, one of the nation’s top broadcasters and also a top sexual harrasser, is pursuing consulting assignments as a Sexual Harassment trainer. When asked about offering expert services in this area, he confessed that he hadn’t realized


the training is actually called “anti-harassment training” and is aimed at preventing harassment, not encouraging more of it. When contacted for comment by Frederickson’s team, Mr. Lauer replied, “I deny it all. You’re kind of sexy, do you want to go out for a drink?”


What Everyone Wants to Know: What Does “Back to Work” Look Like in Tech?


When thousands of tech employees had their first day back at the office, their HR teams reported numerous never-before-experienced employee relations problems including:

  • 27% of employees showed up without pants
  • 36% forgot to put on shoes
  • 66% of employees surveyed agreed with the following statement: “I am just here for the free food.”

HR Executives Gained Unprecedented Takeaways from First In-Person Conference in Nearly Two Years


Conference debriefings state that many of the ready-to-party HR executives who attended a Las Vegas conference drawing over 10,000 attendees brought back a record amount of conference swag, including:

  • 25,000 used PCR test kits
  • 8,500 hangovers
  • 12,000 hoodies
  • 10,000 moleskin journals
  • 15,000 webcam covers
  • 497 gifts that kept on giving

Rush on New Post-Covid Employee ID Cards

  So many men and women took advantage of work-from-home policies during the pandemic, not only to get a little work done but to “get a little work done” -- and went overboard and “got a lot of work done” -- that there’s now a huge backlog of orders for new corporate employee ID cards.  

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