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At Frederickson Partners, we are thrilled to announce our continued expansion into new domains beyond Human Resources. Leveraging our decades of expertise in executive search, we’re now specializing in placing top-tier Finance Leaders and executives, senior leaders and individual contributors across industries.

As pioneers in executive recruitment, we’ve built our reputation on a foundation of trust, precision and unparalleled service. Our personalized approach ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of both clients and candidates, facilitating seamless matches that drive organizational success.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 powerhouse, a disruptive startup, or a burgeoning mid-sized company, Frederickson Partners is here to empower your growth by connecting you with exceptional executive talent across various domains. Our proven track record and commitment to excellence make us the ideal partner for your executive recruitment needs.


Read about our partnership with an industry leader with more than 100 years of experience.

The client is an established private company with a rich legacy. An organization that was undergoing significant digital transformation and disruption.

The partnership with Frederickson:

The client organization was experiencing setbacks with their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role as recent appointments to this position had been unsuccessful.

By leveraging flexibility, efficiency, and a deep understanding of both the organization’s history and current challenges, Frederickson Partners was able to identify multiple candidates for this role rapidly. Within just a month after beginning the search, Frederickson presented a prime candidate, leading to an offer by the client just days after the candidate’s introduction. By the end of that same week, the offer was accepted, making a remarkable turnaround time from placement agreement.

Key Successes:

Read about our partnership with a fast-growth private equity portfolio company.

The client is an innovative, fast-growing private equity-backed company in the technology space.

The partnership with Frederickson:

The client was looking to expand their team. However, they lacked a fully developed talent acquisition function and the vital skillsets required for recruiting and organizational growth. Their needs had also diversified across several functional areas of the business, triggering an urgent requirement to fill key new leadership roles, which the client was unable to execute on as they lacked specialized recruiters. They were resource-constrained and urgently needed critical positions filled to meet growth targets and client demands.

Through our comprehensive search approach and leveraging our experience across many roles, our team tapped into candidate pools the company had overlooked in the past. This allowed us to source and present a more diverse slate of qualified candidates than the client had typically considered for these leadership positions.

The client quickly recognized Frederickson as a strategic partner who could provide valuable support across key functional areas beyond HR, including finance, operations, product, and service.


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Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company is a market leader in retained executive search since 1995. As one of the top-rated HR executive search and C-suite recruiting firms, we have expertise in placing Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Legal Officers and many other senior leaders. We draw on a broad network of rising and established executives and leaders, and a 28-year reputation as a talent acquisition and HR Advisory provider.

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