Shared Vision. Competitive Advantage.

HR Strategic Planning

Every company’s future depends upon an HR strategy and a corporate culture that align with a flexibly structured, strategic business plan. The right HR strategy, when combined with a culture that promotes the best way of working, produces shared vision that generates value for the business. When everyone – from the board to the executives to the individual contributors – is operating from the same playbook, they are a powerful force for accomplishing business goals.

Frederickson Partners designs and optimizes HR strategies to achieve alignment for organizations of every size and growth stage. We work with boards of directors to improve HR governance and compliance, and help corporations develop employee communications and employment branding strategies to convey their culture and strategic vision to both their team and prospective employees.

What Our Clients Say

T.H. Tan


PROJECTS:Multiple projects including HR strategy and organizational development

“I brought in Frederickson Partners to assist me with a number of critical organizational and communications issues related to our executive team and board of directors organizational and communications issues. These were very difficult situations that required understanding, patience, coordination and experience beyond what most consulting firms could provide. Ms. Frederickson and the team of consultants far exceeded my expectations in terms of competency, judgment and service.”

Jim Richter

Vice President of HR

PROJECTS:Multiple projects including talent and HR strategic consulting services

“The folks at Frederickson Partners do great work and are excellent to work with. I trust them with my most important asset: our people.”