Success Stories.

Sample Consulting Projects

Retained Senior HR Consultant for Startups

Executive leadership mentoring and on-call support for CEOs, CFOs and HR managers at startup companies in tech hubs that include San Francisco, San Mateo, Mountain View, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Salt Lake City, Boise, Washington DC, London, Berlin and Singapore

Retained Senior HR Consultant for Venture Capital & Private Equity Talent Partners

Providing Venture Capital and Private Equity Talent Partners with HR executive search, HR advisory, and compensation consulting expertise for their portfolio companies

Human Resources Due Diligence for IPO Candidates

HR assessment for multiple startups ready to shore up their infrastructure before taking their businesses through a high-growth stage or IPO

Executive Development & Leadership Coaching for Global Organizations

Coaching executive teams through strategic planning for their leadership development function, including succession planning and creating career development paths and retention plans for high potentials

San Francisco/Silicon Valley Growth Consulting

HR advising for several European and Asian headquartered companies interested in relocating their global headquarters or building regional headquarters in San Francisco/Silicon Valley

Compensation Assessment & Redesign

Comprehensive review of compensation programs for post-IPO tech companies, including benchmarking and redesigning of short and long-term incentive plans

Transformation & Change Management Consulting for Mature Organizations

HR advising for COO’s and new Heads of HR tasked with rethinking the internal workforce infrastructure, business groups and divisions, and cross-functionality and reporting structures, with a goal towards pivoting the business for continued market relevance and future growth