Transform Your Culture.

Organizational Development & Design

The rapidity of global technological breakthroughs has aggressively heated up the race for market-share in the past few years. To stay relevant, your organization’s design and continued ability to pivot nimbly and stay ahead of the curve has become more crucial than ever. Developing a transformative work environment that increases employee engagement and productivity requires the ability to succinctly share your organization’s vision with everyone in the company so that employees can grow, take risks and develop.

Frederickson Partners helps you up your game, discovering and diagnosing how your team communicates information and makes decisions, and providing recommendations on gaps and deficiencies to correct. We have helped clients flatten their organizations to speed decision making; assessed and coached executives and new managers on management behaviors; improved performance management; and empowered groups to be more efficient and collaborative.

What Our Clients Say

Toni Wilson

Managing Partner

MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Including succession planning and talent acquisition consulting

“Frederickson Partners is results-focused, savvy and a pleasure to work with. I’ve used them repeatedly in mission-critical, time-sensitive situations. They always come through. I trust them tremendously, and would highly recommend them to any of my peers.”

Rita Schueling

Director of HR

MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Organizational development consulting and corporate outplacement services

“Frederickson Partners has demonstrated a creative and proactive approach to every project they have done for us.”