Guidance in Tough Terrain.

FPL Restructuring Consulting Firms: Workforce Planning & Reorganizations

Workforce reductions and reorganizations are gut-wrenching, and even frightening – for the HR executives who must plan and conduct them, the employees who are being released, the managers who often deliver the bad news, and the employees who remain.

Frederickson Partners has helped hundreds of companies humanely and flawlessly manage workforce planning restructuring in a thoughtful, compassionate way with workforce reorganization consulting. Our restructuring consulting firm's approach reduces stress and burden on employees, while minimizing the loss of morale and damage to a company's external reputation that can accompany a poorly conducted process.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Sheets

Senior Director of HR, Worldwide

“Having Frederickson Partners on-site was an immense help to our impacted employees—and to me! They were wonderful to work with and the whole process the firm employed was very organized and fit well with the respectful tone we were trying to maintain through what is often a difficult transition.”

Stephanie Owens

Director of HR

“Over the years, our firm has engaged with at least three other outplacement services firms. From the moment of engagement with Valerie and her team, we knew we had found something unique. Our experience has been a profound difference from the approach of other outplacement services providers because of their caring, personal touch and their methodology. Their talented consultant's patience and tenacity were the appropriate balance to see our former employees through a difficult transition. For us, this resulted in a higher level of utilization from departed employees and a higher success rate in their career transition.”