Layoffs. Putting Your People First.

Workforce Restructuring & Outplacement Services

At Frederickson Partners, our roots are in outplacement services. We formed in 1995 as Valerie Frederickson & Company to help companies improve workforce planning flexibility and reduce post-termination employment litigation risk by humanely and quickly transitioning their former, valued employees.

Today, our philosophy of compassion, thoughtfulness and preparation guides everything we do for corporate clients and employees – even beyond outplacement.

We provide career transition and outplacement services to companies globally. If your organization is facing a reduction in force (RIF) or workforce reorganization, our boutique outplacement company can deliver deep expertise in this area and provide a long-term view of how to build a healthy workforce from an HR perspective.

For Employers

We support and guide you through every phase of difficult downsizing planning and execution. Our consultants create customized career transition programs that treat your employees as individuals, not numbers. Our RIF services reduce stress and burden on the management team and employees, while released employees receive individualized, confidential career guidance from knowledgeable, licensed career consultants. Outplacement services can be customized using an a la carte list of career transition services, or custom-designed for you based on your specific needs, sensitivities and budget.

For Individuals

Achieve outstanding results with help from our LinkedIn and resume ninjas. Build an SEO-enhanced LinkedIn profile that puts you at the top of the search engines. Take advantage of our social media prowess and network to build your online presence. Whether you want to reinvent your career or find a new position in the same field, we’ll help you reach your goals.

What Our Clients Say

Mike Major

Vice President of HR

“I love getting all the thank you letters and emails from the employees saying how much they like the program and the services and tools. I never got any compliments at all when we used our old outplacement firm.”

Laura Young Daetz

Senior Vice President of Administration

“Frederickson Partners always delivers compassionate, caring career management and career transition services. They have worked with dozens of my valued employees and have made such a difference in people’s lives.”