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October 2013

Valerie Frederickson & Company

Why Your Choice is Better than the “Perfect” Choice

Being the mother of twin three-year-olds, the wife of a cautious perfectionist, and a woman who spends untold hours in conference rooms with clients, I often find myself chanting under my breath, “Just make a friggin’ decision. Any decision. Just make it before I scream.” This could be when we’re rushing to get ready for preschool and neither of the pre-approved T-shirts from the night before is good enough. Or when we’re deciding on Mexico versus Hawaii versus Mexico versus Hawaii versus Mexico for the week after Christmas. Or after having presented a great candidate to a client, one who they’re very lucky to have found, and who’s better than any other as-yet-unidentified mystery applicant out there, no matter how much head-scratching and hand-wringing and heel-clicking one may wish to do. Guess what? He’s the right guy, and you know it. Don’t be scared. Just go for it.

There are lots of good reasons to make decisions quickly. Research has shown that intuition is every bit as important as data when it comes to making good choices. Meanwhile, having a major decision hanging over your head is a stressor, and the stress only builds the longer you go without choosing. Add to this the fact that employees tend to look up to, and overwhelmingly want to work for, strong decision-makers, and there’s a pretty compelling argument to be made for trusting your instincts and pulling the trigger.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people don’t really know how to make good, swift decisions, and even if they once did, they’ve had those good habits beaten out of them somewhere along the line. As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, employers have dramatically increased the average amount of time they take to make hiring decisions, up almost 50 percent from two years ago. Is this helping these companies to make better hires? I doubt it. The best hires I’ve seen have happened when the CEO knew exactly what he wanted and was able to make a fast decision without involving too many people.

To help confirm my intuition about intuition, I decided to call someone with the ultimate front-row seat. Sheri Benjamin was the founder and CEO of Silicon Valley’s best-known public relations firm; she sold her business a while back and ultimately made the very smart decision to become a chair with Vistage, the CEO peer-advisory and mentorship group of which I was an active member for nine years, a period I like to think of as my time in CEO School. Benjamin coaches 75 CEOs and senior executives a month, which means she witnesses tens of thousands of decisions being made every year and knows what the outcomes were. “I’ve been amongst a lot of CEOs for 23 years,” she says, “and can count on one hand the times that the major regret a CEO has had is ‘I made the decision too quickly.’ More often it’s, ‘I knew it was the right decision and I should have pulled the trigger sooner.’ Hiring a vice president of marketing sooner, creating a new product line sooner, or firing an underperforming CFO sooner. Some CEOs wait for the perfect situation: that last perfect piece of information or detail that they want to see, and then they’ll make the decision. But that one last thing never comes, because there is no one last thing. There is no Holy Grail. There never is. The most successful CEOs are ones that are calculated risk takers regarding when they have enough information to make a good decision. And the other ones are basically doomsday-scenario planners: ‘I can’t make a mistake. Something bad will happen.’ That makes for slow decision-making in a world that’s going faster and faster.”

So how can you turn yourself into a better, faster, more intuitive decision-maker? First, you must recognize that this is something that takes constant discipline and continuous improvement. But remember, too, that we’re usually not talking about a Sophie’s Choice here: If you understand the risks associated with a certain decision, and can live with them, then it’s all pretty easy. The following is a handy list of decision-making basics I’ve put together over the years, cribbed primarily from various articles in the Harvard Business Review, plus some other sources as well:

Demand evidence. Whenever anyone makes a compelling claim, ask for supporting data. Don’t just take someone’s word for it.
Examine logic. Look closely at the evidence and be sure the thinking holds up. Be on the lookout for faulty cause-and-effect reasoning.
Encourage experimentation. If you don’t have empirical evidence, there’s nothing wrong with creating some. Invite managers to conduct small experiments to test the viability of proposed strategies and use the resulting data to guide decisions.
Weigh pros and cons. List advantages and disadvantages, and ask others for their perspective on which should carry the most weight.
Balance the short term with the long. Determine what you'd be willing to give up in the long run for some important immediate gain, and vice versa.
Gauge support. While weighing alternatives, think about who will support a particular idea and who will oppose it. Ask whose support you can live without and whose buy-in you absolutely need.
Avoid anchoring. Many people give disproportionate weight to the first information they receive. Be sure to pursue other lines of thinking, even if the first one seems right.
Challenge the status quo. Change can be unsettling, but it’s also necessary to keep an organization fresh. Ask yourself if the same old same-old truly serves your objectives.
Find a devil’s advocate. If you find that new information continually validates your existing point of view, ask a respected colleague to argue against your perspective.

As for decision-making in regards to hiring, another useful strategy is to ask, WWGD? So, since you asked, here are some of Google’s best practices:

Limit the process... Interviewing with more than four people does not make for better selection. (Note: I’ve been saying the same thing for at least 10 years, and the Center for Creative Leadership concurs).
but open it up too. Have someone interview the candidate who understands the industry or job function but who has no real stake in the hire. Bringing in one voice who will not be a manager, direct report, customer, or departmental peer of the candidate is a sure way to guarantee at least one unbiased opinion.
Want them to want you. Look at all the resumes that come in over the transom, even if it means going through millions per year. Yes, it’s tedious, but there are often hidden gems, and you know right off the bat that they want to work for you. (I hate doing this, mostly because it seems as if someone has scrawled “For a good job e-mail Valerie” in every public bathroom stall in the country. But if it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for me. And every month I find, hire, and place people who simply e-mailed in cold.)

When I look back at the smartest decisions I’ve ever made, they tend to have been ones that I made on the fly. Early in my career, I decided to specialize in government sales because I wanted to learn how to land big contracts. After graduate school, I moved to Menlo Park because I had a perception that the city had a good quality of life. I offered a long-term employee a partnership in my business because he was a good person and I knew I wanted to retain him at all costs. Perhaps the most important, and toughest, came in 2002 after the bursting of the dotcom bubble: I decided to specialize in HR search and turn down any other search business that came our way. We really could have used the extra revenue, but I felt that specializing was the right thing to do, in terms of both productivity and branding. Boy am I glad I had the guts to trust my gut!

This month, I’d like the New York City based staffing agency, Solomon Page Group, for their referrals. Way to go, New York!

Take care,

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QWhat should I do if a new employee feels wrong right away?

This is a very good question and not an easy one to answer. First, figure out what your role is in things not feeling right. Take your own inventory. Have you really made clear what you want this person to do? How you want them to fit in? What you want them to not do? What presses your buttons? What the top failure behaviors of new employees are? If you had a friend who could sit down with this new employee and tell them directly and concisely what he or she is doing wrong, what would the friend say? This, along with the disclosure of your role in the breakdown, is crucially important for you to communicate to this employee. Have the attitude that you’ve hired him and, by God, you’re going to make him successful, and the two of you are going to climb out of this rat hole together.

QHow do I get into recruiting?

A: In this market, it’s more like how can you not get into recruiting? If you have to ask, you’re probably not right for it. I say that because everyone is hiring and everyone is hiring recruiters. Recruiters need to be naturally curious about the employment market, super extroverted, and extremely well-connected. If you don’t have friends working as recruiters now, you don’t know any firms where you could apply, and your current company hasn’t gotten you into recruiting, then you probably aren’t a good fit for it. If you really do want to become a recruiter, start by befriending some people doing recruitment and helping them find candidates.

QHow do I make my company glamorous enough to hire in-demand candidates?

If hiring Jessica Alba to attend your tech conference doesn’t work, as last year’s TechCrunch promoters quickly figured out when all the attendees ignored the beautiful actress/entrepreneur in favor of meeting Founders and tech visionaries, then we know one thing: focus on free food. Seriously. For certain types of candidates who don’t really understand business or their careers, free gourmet food, free laundry, and free socializing is all your need to be glamorous. In fact, the most boring products are fine. For others, usually people with more experience, you need to focus on their career motivators and not the superficial ones. Perhaps you feel the increasing difficulty in convincing recent college grads that your huge, foreign-owned tech conglomerate is as sexy as Google or Twitter. But, if you focus on finding candidates with a few years of experience under their belt who want to identify and affiliate with a larger company and the myriad of opportunities and R&D budget associated with it, you will find that they will joyfully accept your offer of employment.

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HR Executive Searches

An internationally-renowned, Asian Pacific ecommerce company, coming off a decade-plus of extremely strong growth, needs their first Head of HR to build the entire function from scratch and create scalable processes that can be applied to their global offices in the U.S., Europe and APAC. Initially reporting to the CFO, this Head of HR will provide guidance and support to a visionary executive team and manage a high-performing group of recruiters. A hands-on HR generalist with extensive business partner and international experience, and the ability to gain trust and coach and influence business leaders is ideal. A love of learning and adventure is preferred. Submit Your Profile

A rapidly-expanding big data startup with a 100% growth rate, year on year, needs their first Head of HR to assess their current HR infrastructure and revamp for scalability. Reporting to the C-suite, this Head of HR will provide coaching and HR leadership to the executive team and oversee a lean but effective talent acquisition team. An up-and-coming HR executive with startup experience and a strong generalist/business partner background, combined with global expertise in Southeast Asia, is ideal. A straightforward, analytical-minded individual with an excellent education will be very successful in assimilating to the company culture. Submit Your Profile

An important, innovative global technology organization needs a strategic VP-level HR leader to guide its United States R&D operations and startup arm as it embarks on an ambitious growth trajectory. This is a highly-sophisticated and complex role reporting into one of the top global executives worldwide. In addition to world-class talent acquisition and management experience, well-developed global communication skills, cultural sensitivity and experience working for a leading European or Asian Fortune 100 technology firm is paramount. Someone who enjoys being in front of the tech trends will be a great personality fit. Submit Your Profile

A non-profit health services company spanning the Midwest needs an experienced strategic Vice President of HR to take their HR function to the next level. This VP will assess and revamp every part of the function and create the HR blueprint for this company moving forward. A creative and visionary leader who can inspire trust, communicate across all levels of the organization and has proven success in creating innovative talent acquisition, total rewards, and learning and development programs is ideal. The ability to influence and build consensus will be critical. Submit Your Profile

A world leader in financial services, with offices in 100+ locations globally, needs a senior executive to oversee their team of business partners around the world. Reporting to the Chief HR Officer, this VP will oversee HR professionals who support more than 25,000 employees, acting as a mentor and sounding board for strategic HR initiatives in support of each respective business unit. A strong generalist background in a financial or professional services organization, ability to influence in a heavily matrixed organization, and training and leadership development expertise will be ideal. A culturally-sensitive, super-organized, confident business leader, preferably with some experience abroad, is essential in inspiring a widely-dispersed global team to continue to excel independently and collectively. Submit Your Profile

An innovative, well-recognized internet company, founded by technology visionaries, needs a Vice President of Talent Acquisition as it continues its exponential growth. Reporting to the Chief HR Officer, this Talent Acquisition leader will manage a global function, evaluating the overall processes and procedures, assessing and rebuilding teams, developing employment branding and social media strategies, and partnering with hiring managers on workforce planning. A creative, hands-on talent acquisition pioneer with the sophistication to work directly with the CEO on key executive hires and collaborate closely with the CHRO and other HR leaders to identify key talent attraction programs is ideal. Prior experience overseeing full-cycle recruitment on a global scale is key. Submit Your Profile

A public, $15B engineering and technology holding company, headquartered in Europe, needs a Head of Diversity & Inclusion to join their global talent management team. This Director-level executive will be tasked with taking Diversity & Inclusion theories and industry best practices and translating them into actionable items and programs for implementation across the globe. The ability to adapt programs to address cultural differences, to educate the organization as a whole on the importance of these programs, and to build trust with global business leaders is ideal. This is a new, high-profile role within the organization so excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive under pressure will be the key to success. Submit Your Profile

An award-winning internet market leader, and that continues to grow both organically and through startup and IP acquisitions, needs a Senior Director of Total Rewards to lead their compensation, benefits and HRIS strategy. Reporting to the Head of HR, this TR executive will be responsible for structuring an effective total rewards strategy to support the company in attracting and retaining the right mix of talent. A dynamic, think-outside-the-box personality will fit in well with this team. Experience presenting to the Board of Directors and a wicked sense of humor is non-negotiable. Submit Your Profile

A creative-minded, VC-funded ecommerce company with a sophisticated, passionate leadership team needs a superstar #2 HR person to help scale the HR function for an ambitious growth trajectory, including into the European and Asian markets. This person will be the successor to the incumbent Vice President of HR. The ideal candidate will be a strong up-and-comer, well-versed across all disciplines of the function, who thrives in chaotic environments and is ready to prime him/herself to become the Head of HR for a successful pre-IPO company. Prior experience building teams and growing global offices is crucial to success. Submit Your Profile

The most well-known media and entertainment company in the world needs a Corporate Director of HR to drive the strategic vision for its corporate shared services organization. Reporting into the CHRO of the parent company, this HR leader will provide leadership and support to HR business partners that support all corporate functions heads, in addition to managing the entire corporate HR shared services group. A confident, influential HR executive with proven success building world-class HR organizations at well-respected, name-brand companies is ideal. An entrepreneurial spirit and prior expat experience is highly-desirable. Submit Your Profile

The largest privately-owned health services company, dedicated to excellence in all aspects-from product to service to employees-needs a Senior Director-level HR leader to oversee and inspire operational excellence in their West Coast region. Reporting to the Vice President of HR, this Senior Director will hand-select a team of regional and area HR managers, and oversee field talent pipeline and team member training programs and strategies for the entire West Coast region. A confident leader with straightforward communication style and expertise in all areas pertaining to employee relations, compliance, compensation, training and performance management is ideal. Experience managing large scale organizational change projects and program rollouts will be important. Submit Your Profile

An international non-profit with a dedication to providing disaster relief services in under-resourced countries around the world needs a Regional Director of HR for their Southeast Asia offices. Reporting to the Global Vice President of HR with a dotted line to the Business Leader for the APAC region, this Regional HR Director will oversee a dedicated team of on-site area HR managers, who manage and plan logistics for thousands of volunteers each year. An OD expertise, the ability to assess and make strategic talent and organizational recommendations to the Global VP, and the patience to train and mentor oft-inexperienced managers will be ideal. The dedication to overcome chaotic and challenging circumstances that inherently pop up in a global non-profit will be the ultimate test for success in this role. Submit Your Profile

A globally-recognized, privately-held asset management company needs a Director of Human Resources to assist in fully integrating new acquisitions as well as lead the HR function for the hospitality arm. This HR director will manage a team of consultants in supporting a 700-person group. A bright, driven, and highly-motivated up-and-comer with management experience, rapid career ascent, and a background in hospitality is ideal. Experience in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, or financial management firms is highly-desired. Submit Your Profile

A well-known global biotechnology giant, headquartered in Europe with clinical and scientific arms in 140 countries on 6 continents, needs a Director of Organizational Development to help shape the future of the U.S. arm of the company. Partnering closely with the country Head of Talent Management and the country Head of Staffing, this OD expert will provide change management expertise on key initiatives that include organizational structure design, organizational assessment, succession planning and leadership development. A collaborative, big-picture oriented OD executive who can provide strategic counsel to the U.S. executive team while engaging actively with all employees to continue to promote the company culture of organizational excellence will be ideal. The ability to communicate concisely and proactively to global counterparts will be pivotal to success. Submit Your Profile

A wildly-popular, hip, high-growth B2C e-commerce company needs its first Director of Talent Acquisition to lead the function globally. Reporting to the VPHR, this TA leader will need to develop and implement a global talent acquisition and talent management strategy focused on identifying and developing the right mix of engineering and creative talent worldwide. A left-brained but metrics-driven trendsetter who has developed unique employment branding programs and successful diversity and inclusion initiatives is ideal. A down-to-earth personality is paramount in fitting in with the team. Submit Your Profile

One of the largest, highest-ranking healthcare systems with almost 15,000 employees and 50 locations needs a Director of Talent Management to help strengthen their bench strength across all areas of the business. Reporting to the Vice President of Learning & Development, this Director will need to develop wildly creative strategies to identify, develop and retain high potentials in the vastly-competitive medical and medical services landscape. An up-and-coming senior manager with an organizational development background and experience working with medical and support professionals is ideal. An independent go-getter with the drive and ambition to constantly look for new ways to streamline and improve programs and a dedication to providing top-notch services to the residents of the Southeast will be a perfect fit. Submit Your Profile

One of the largest food and beverage companies with brand recognition across the United States, Canada and Central America needs a Director of Talent Management to collaborate on and roll out TM programs to support their long-term growth strategy, particularly in the organic market. A key member of the HR management team, this Director will be responsible for all new initiatives and programs to foster employee engagement across the entire business. A detail-oriented personality with a push-the-envelope mentality, who can build and sell business cases to influence and align senior leadership to creative talent programs is ideal. This is a great career move for a strong senior manager of L&D or Talent Management who is interested in running their own show. Submit Your Profile

A SAAS company that recently went through a successful IPO and is growing rapidly needs a Head of Compensation & Benefits to manage the overall strategy for their total rewards programs. Reporting into the Vice President of HR, this Director of Senior Director C&B expert will build and manage a team of analysts and hold responsibility over all vendor relationships. A smart, multi-tasking compensation leader with hands-on experience in all areas of compensation, recent exposure to global standards and compliance, and knowledge of benefits and open-enrollment is ideal. Prior experience presenting to the board will be a huge sell. Submit Your Profile

A well-recognized, recently-public transportation and logistics company with 1,200 employees needs a Head of Compensation & Benefits to manage innovative total rewards programs on a global scale. Reporting into a highly-sophisticated Vice President of HR, this Director will manage a team and have direct exposure to the Board and Compensation Committee. A detailed-oriented, hands-on team player with broad compensation and benefits expertise in a public company and the ability to navigate through international, federal and state regulations and codes is ideal. Prior experience presenting to the board is imperative. Occasional travel to Hawaii will be required. Submit Your Profile

A growing retail SAAS company, a leader in its space, with headquarters in the United States and technical and sales staff scattered across Europe, APAC and South America, needs a Senior HR business partner to support their technology groups. Reporting to the Vice President of HR, this HR leader will build and maintain a strong partnership with the CTO and key leadership within the technology business units. A strong HR generalist with experience supporting business leaders in a fast-moving, high tech organization and the savvy to liaise with and strategically tap into the shared services organization will be ideal. A former tech or IT profile would be great! Submit Your Profile

An internationally-renowned professional services firm with major U.S. headquarters in New Jersey and Silicon Valley needs a Senior HR Business Partner to have regional responsibility over the West Coast. Reporting into the corporate VP of HR, this HR business leader will support an innovative, dynamic and passionate Founder/Managing Partner and manage a team to support 400+ employees spread across multiple offices on the West Coast. A trendsetting, business-focused HR professional with the ability to transition and communicate smoothly between the East Coast mindset and the more-relaxed West coast mentality will be ideal. This individual is expected to be part of the long-term succession plan. Submit Your Profile

A leading, fast-paced, highly-innovative public technology company, with global offices reaching across Europe and Asia, needs a HR Business Partner to support their Research & Development division. Reporting into an inspiring SVP of HR and mentor, this HR Business Partner will support his/her General Manager and the 300+ employees in her division, with the partnership of a stellar shared services group. A business-savvy multi-tasker with the capacity to quickly grasp the intricacies of a complex, multi-focused technology enterprise and sensitivity to cultural challenges that often arise in diverse employee populations is ideal. The ability to influence sophisticated leaders and drive forward HR objectives in an innovative, rapidly-changing environment is vital. Submit Your Profile

One of the most buzzed-about, pre-IPO startups in Silicon Valley needs a HR team member to help own the employee experience-collaborating on the design, roll-out and execution of a variety of people programs during a time of extremely high growth and international expansion. A smart, proactive, flexible, and creative up-and-comer with a passion for solving people problems and an analytic mindset is ideal. Prior experience in an engineer-driven culture is strongly-preferred. Submit Your Profile

Internal VF&Co Searches

We are looking for senior HR executives who want the excitement of building HR for a startup or the challenges behind strategy, organizational design and change management for Fortune 500's who need support during their search process, while holding on to freedom associated with controlling your own schedule. These are three to six month assignments that can include preparing a company for its IPO, M&A due diligence and integration, or running HR for a 600-employee global SAAS company whose incumbent is on paternity leave. These are high-level strategic HR roles and potential candidates should have extensive experience in the broad spectrum of HR disciplines. Global experience a plus! Submit Your Profile

We are looking for consultants who are super strategic but can also roll up their sleeves and dive in, respond quickly and concisely to client inquiries, think proactively, know when to push back, and are all-around authoritative yet super easy to work with. Both pre- and post-IPO experience needed! Submit Your Profile

As companies look to expand their leadership development initiatives, we are adding to our internal executive coaching team! Coaches who specialize in working with new engineering VP's and Founders a plus. Submit Your Profile

With the continued globalization of our world economy, many companies are looking to expand into new markets, particularly in Southeast Asia and South America. We are looking for executives who have prior experience working in and who are interested in consulting to or becoming an expat for companies who are building their presence in these locations. Submit Your Profile

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HR Consultant & Contractor's Corner

Our hottest global HR contracting and consulting assignments include:

  • HR needs assessment for multiple startups ready to take their businesses through an IPO
  • Interim Head of HR assignments with pre-IPO companies in software analytics, digital advertising, and cloud-based services
  • Advising several European and Asian companies interested in relocating their global headquarters to or building regional headquarters in the United States
  • Providing Venture Capital and Private Equity firms with on-demand HR and compensation consulting for their portfolio companies
  • HR compliance and audits for small and medium-sized companies across various industries
  • Comprehensive review of compensation programs for post-IPO tech companies, including benchmarking and redesigning of short and long-term incentive plans
  • Coaching executive teams through strategic planning for their leadership development function including succession planning and creating career development paths for high potentials
  • Executive leadership mentoring and “on call” support for CEO’s, CFO’s and HR managers at start-up companies in tech hubs that include San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Austin and New York
  • Customized, high-touch outplacement projects for pre-IPO and mid-sized companies in the midst of restructuring or integrating acquisitions

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GOHR Technology Conference & Expo
October 7-9, 2013 – Las Vegas, NV

GOLinkedIn Talent Connection
October 15-17, 2013 – Las Vegas, NV

GOSHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Expo
October 28-30, 2013 – San Francisco, CA

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Spotlight on...

As sure as the Earth rotates around the Sun, it’s that time of the year again when many of our clients try to figure out where salaries, bonuses and incentives stand in relation to the market. Are they too high, not high enough, or are our clients just high to think they can figure it out on their own? After many tiring and confusing hours, they end up right where they started without a clue and regretting that they wasted the time. Kind of like when I plant a huge vegetable garden and don’t have the time to harvest. Since 1998, VF&Co has been contracting out excellent, pragmatic and knowledgeable compensation consultants to roll up their ink-stained shirt sleeves, pull all of the data together, perform the analysis and provide you with something you can use to keep your company ahead of the compensation curve. Don’t waste time, let us help.

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About VF&Co

Valerie Frederickson & Company (VF&Co) is a human resource executive search, HR consulting and corporate outplacement firm known for helping clients build and sustain winning teams in today´s rapidly changing marketplace. Since 1995, VF&Co specializes in creating customized solutions to meet an organization´s human resource needs at every stage and size from start–up to Global 500.

Outplacement Practice

Re–evaluating your outplacement vendors? Require a higher utilization rate for your outplacement dollar? Need higher touch services and consistency across all markets? Since 1995, VF&Co is the outplacement firm of choice for sophisticated corporate buyers. Join the numerous Fortune 500 employers and small firms who have selected us over their previous vendor and are now enjoying the best of both worlds: each employee well taken care of, and consistency in every city.

Price shopping or need to customize a program? Contact our Corporate Outplacement Team at 650-614-0220 or email them at for more information on our outplacement services.

HR Consulting Practice

With the dramatic increase of global technology outsourcing and the continued geographic dispersion of corporate teams, the need for international human resources strategy, design, and project implementation has increased. Our global team of HR consultants has the specialized skills and breadth of expertise to develop and lead your initiatives—saving you time, money, and resources. We can manage the international recruiting function, help you hire key local managers or an entire startup team in an overseas market, and establish HR systems for global expansion.

Why clients choose VF&Co:

  • Results-driven, value-oriented. To keep your HR programs in line with your corporate direction, we provide HR strategy, cost-effective HR infrastructure, and pragmatic HR advice across all critical areas of human resource management.
  • Any size, any stage. We draw upon years of experience with startups, midsize firms and large global enterprises to guide our clients strategically through any stage of growth.
  • Work smarter, not harder. In survey after survey, CEO's say the number-one issue keeping them up at night is "people problems." We help you solve them so that you can get back to focusing on your business.

Contact our HR Consulting Team at 650.614.0220 or email them at for more information on our HR consulting services

Executive Search Practice

Why clients choose VF&Co as their human resources-specialized executive search firm:

  • Prompt results. The average time from start of search to presentation of the winning HR candidate is 21 days. 50% of HR searches are completed in less than 45 days.
  • Superior results. More than 95% of HR executives placed by VF&Co are still with their companies five years following placement.
  • High client satisfaction. More than 90% of the firm's work is either repeat business or from referrals. A number of clients have been with VF&Co for more than a decade.

You get:

  • Access to the best global human resources executive talent available through extensive networks built upon long–term relationships with U.S. and global executives
  • Customized HR executive search solutions that fit your goals, budget and timeline
  • Interim HR management during the search process, followed by an assimilation period to ensure a smooth transition

Interim HR management during the search process, followed by an assimilation period to ensure a smooth transition Contact our human resources executive search team at 650.614.0220 or email us at to learn how your organization can reap the benefits VF&Co can deliver: Improved performance and greater success through your most valuable asset—your people.

Diversity Statement

VF&Co welcomes and encourages all diversity candidates to contact us directly. We highly value the diversity of our VF&Co team, placement of diverse executives into our client companies and our diverse clients, candidates, and supplier partnerships. We want to help swing the pendulum the other way.

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