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August 2017

Win The War For Talent - Hire An HR Executive Search Firm

Win The War For Talent - Hire An HR Executive Search Firm

Many executives are familiar with the phrase "The War for Talent," and likely remember the hiring issues of the turn of the millennium. They also know that we're currently facing the largest retirement phase in history and that the next generation may not have the ability to replace all those lost jobs. In the face of this potential hiring crisis, they're looking for assistance to fill gaps in their companies.

Replacing a valued employee is an issue all companies will face at some point. Reading countless resumes, interviewing dozens of individuals, and hoping that you find the right candidate can be draining. This becomes even more of a nightmare as you begin to try and find management candidates. On top of that, the labor market is getting more competitive by the day.

That's where human resource staffing firms, specifically executive search firms, come in. They help find the skilled executives that your business needs, without the hassle of dozens of interviews and hundreds of resumes.

A recent survey by Robert Half showed that 36% of 1,400 executives surveyed felt the top factor leading to a failed hire was a poor skills match, but there are countless other factors that can cause your careful job search to end in disaster. Skill and experience are still important, of course, especially when you're trying to restructure your corporate leadership. The right manager can dramatically improve productivity.

But taking a risk on a new manager or executive, who may or may not have the experience needed for the position, can be costly -- especially as they begin to learn the ins and outs of the position and what is expected of them at your company.

To give your company the best chance of success, consider investing in talent acquisition management services. The best HR executive search consultants help by looking through their list of executives and finding the right one to place in your company. They take your requirements, the position's skillset, and the overall expectations you set, then find the best executives for you. That dramatically reduces the chances of a failed hire.

In addition to this, these executives are interviewed and evaluated by the company prior to being suggested to your business. This ensures that they have the skills and knowledge they say they have. An experienced executive moving into a key position, with knowledge of what is needed, is ideal.

An advanced human resource staffing service can help any company that feels threatened in the face of the coming retirement wave. It can also help alleviate some of the worries about the "War for Talent" that has been underway for many years.