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July 2017

Want Millennials in Your Office? Follow These Tips!

Want Millennials in Your Office? Follow These Tips!

A full 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. If this describes your business, consider the demographics of your team.

Sound strange? While it may seem so at first glance, employee retention is a problem with many older generations of workers. If you are looking to change this, consider hiring more Millennials to your office.

Millennials, the demographic of workers between the ages of 18 and 34, are shaking the world up with their interesting and unique perspectives of the workforce. This group is known for being adaptable, team-oriented, and incredibly creative. They undoubtedly can succeed in any team setting, but some talent acquisition management services believe it is hard to attract this demographic to specific jobs. If you are looking to add some Millennials into your office, follow these tips.

Add purpose

Simply put, Millennials are looking for a job that gives them purpose. This doesn't mean you have to be a nonprofit, but it means that it could be a good idea to take a look at your business and figure out exactly what it stands for. Are you focused more on team building, or do most of your employees only think of their own personal success? Take a step back and think about why your business makes the world better, and make this apparent from the minute someone walks in your front door. This will appeal not only to Millennials but to your prospective clients as well.

Create a means for development

For many Millennials, a job is not just a paycheck, but a place to hone their skills and grow. A great way to retain Millennials is to have your HR consultants offer continuous training. Doing so will allow your employees to look at the job at hand on a more holistic basis, rather than just a desk job.

Make yourself stand out

This isn't just a good technique that will help attract Millennials, it will also help other employees as well. You want to make yourself stand out to a group of applicants -- whether that means implementing a work from home policy, a bring your dog to the office day or having your employees create your own schedule. Millennials thrive on being different and standing out, so consider talking to our HR consultants today to come up with some ideas.

With these ideas in mind, you won't have any problems retaining and attracting Millennials to your office.