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April 2017

Prevent Employee Turnover in Your Office With These Simple Steps

What Causes Employee Burnout and What Can I Do About It?

Employee turnover causes incredible stress within a company. Not only does it decrease morale within the employees, but t is also quite expensive. In fact, the costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of the employee's salary, which amounts to thousands every month out of the owner's pocket.

So if you are looking to reduce employee turnover and create a workplace environment that is progressive, creative, and fun, follow these human resources consultant-approved tips.

  • Rethink your hiring process
    We all know that you want to hire the right person for the job, but it is important that you figure out if your company is a good fit for them, rather than if they are a good fit for the company. Being upfront about all the job's responsibilities and duties will put everything out on the table for the applicant, so they're much less likely feel overwhelmed and unqualified for the job at any point in time. Talent acquisition management can help you find the right fit.
  • Make them feel important
    As a boss or a manager, you always want to make your employees feel important. Little things such as routinely canceling meetings, not being available to talk, or having them constantly waiting while you are on the phone can go far in ruining their self-esteem. After all, if they don't feel as if you want them in your office, why would they want to stay?
  • Stop the emailing
    It can be all too easy to be tied up in the ever constant slew of emails. Try to cut your emailing in half, and focus more on having face-to-face conversations. In addition, never send out emails outside of office hours, and never on the weekends!
  • Give a flexible schedule a shot
    What employee hasn't reached that 3 o'clock slump during the day, leaving them sluggish, tired, and bored? One way you can combat that is by allowing a flexible work schedule. By having your employees make their own hours, they will be able to manage their time better, be more productive, and be happy every morning when they wake up and go to work.

Have questions about how to implement these tips? Contacting an HR consultant can help you figure everything out and get your employees' views on the matter. Our HR consultants are professionals in turning around companies and boosting turnover. Call us today if you need any turnover prevention tips!