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January 2017

Millennials Workers Aren't As Lazy As We Think, A New Study Shows

Millennials are often caricatured as lazy and entitled, making them undesirable employees and coworkers. But while many Baby Boomers have grown attached to this stereotype, research shows just the opposite. In reality, most millennials are workaholics and may have better work ethic that other employees.

According to Project: Time Off and GfK, millennials are much more likely to forego earned vacation time to work more. The researchers of the study interviewed 5,000 full-time employees with vacation time benefits. When the researchers assessed work martyrdom, or intense dedication to work at their own expense, millennials were more likely to give the following responses:

  • “No one else at my company can do the work while I’m away.”
  • “I want to show complete dedication to my company and job.”
  • “I don’t want others to think I am replaceable.”
  • “I feel guilty for using my paid time off.”

With so much competition when entering the professional workforce, millennials often do whatever they can to get hired and retain a job, knowing that there are plenty of other qualified candidates that can easily replace them. By working harder and more often, millennials display intense passion and dedication to the job, which matters immensely when you gauge work ethic and employee effectiveness. By working harder and longer than their coworkers, many millennials hope to be seen as indispensable, and are less likely to be laid off as a result.

Since bad hires are likely to be turned over quickly -- 22% will be fired within 45 days -- many millennials will throw themselves into their work to ensure that they are not at risk.

Millennials don't mind the title "work martyr" either. In fact, 48% of millennials hope their bosses do see them this way, while only 39% of Gen X and 32% of Baby Boomers said the same.

Also, despite having juniority at a company and earning far fewer vacation days, 24% of millennial professionals are willing to give up their vacations, compared to just 19% of Gen Xers and 17% of Baby Boomers.

As millennials rise to positions of power within companies, we may see a shift in workplace environments due to this work martyrdom. It can be inferred that millennials will likely encourage the restructuring of the workplace by the time they are the majority in executive positions.

In reality, however, it's impossible to work every second of the day, and human resources should intervene and take care of obsessive work behaviors. Millennials aren't just young, they're a rather unique generation. And since they're mostly new to the workplace, you may want to hire an HR consultant to help restructure your company's strategic human resources plans as well as help in talent acquisition, to make sure that your departments are prepared to manage millennials in the workplace.

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