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July 2018

Make Your Work A Better Place: The 2018 Trends Shaping HR

Make Your Work A Better Place: The 2018 Trends Shaping HR

Last year, Human Resources departments across the country played a major role in the nation's push for greater workplace safety and inclusion. This year, Human Resources staffing teams have been working just as hard to improve the role this important department plays in our nation's businesses.

Here are some of the new trends and recurring themes that have already started to shape the landscape for HR recruiters thus far in 2018.

Improving Sexual Orientation Protections

The Supreme Court recently declined to comment on whether Title VII prohibits the discrimination of workers based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Experts have since recommended that businesses and HR departments add gender identity and sexual orientation to their EEO policies to avoid becoming a potential test case in court.

Yet, it's also recommended that employers aren't making these additions to their EEO policy lightly. Approximately 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs in 2015. Because what's written in the company's handbook may be considered a contract, violations of any contract could hold the company liable for failing to protect employees.

Upskilling Employees

Upskilling is one of the top HR trends in 2018 thus far because of a growing skills gap. Some employers are working with local schools to begin connecting with future potential employees to teach them in-demand skills.

Still, employers need to take the time and effort to put these kinds of upskilling programs into consideration. HR is recommended to focus on their business' culture of development to prepare for future transformations such as automation.

Improving Inclusion And Fighting Harassment

Last year, HR department began making strides in harassment policies. But there's still a long way to go.

Inclusion is one of the key components necessary to contain and remove workplace harassment. This is because workers need to feel safe in their work environment and supported by company leadership while on the job.

According to Madhura Chakrabarti, a research leader at Bersin, 2018 is the year HR departments need to establish themselves as a resource for their employees. And employers also need to examine why women and people of color are often left out of leadership positions.

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