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April 2017

Looking for a Qualified and Experienced HR Executive Search Firm? Look Us Up

What Causes Employee Burnout and What Can I Do About It?

If you're trying to find the right people for the job, sometimes you have to shake it up a little. And sometimes, to shake things up, you need outside help -- a fresh perspective. This is where HR executive search consultants come in. They can help with talent acquisition management, placing seasoned HR executives in the right jobs, and offering sound career and business advice when you need it the most. They may work with an outplacement consulting firm and in some cases, may even provide an onboarding consulting for individuals that they successfully place. If you're thinking about letting some high-ranking people go, often these consultants can act as an outplacement consulting firm, to some degree, and help orient the individuals into the new job market and transition into a new position.

How Can We Help You?

We focus on helping with the HR executive search, strategic HR consulting, placing interim heads of HR or departments like talent acquisition, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, etc., corporate outplacement, and career coaching. Our network of people is huge and we can even do back channel references that larger firms aren't able to do, since they have less of a focus. If you're looking for seasoned and qualified HR executives, we're the place to go for consultation and assistance.

Robert Half conducted a survey that showed that about a third of executives felt that the main reason for a failed hire was a bad skills match, something we can help you avoid. The second main reason was unclear performance objectives, which is something we can also assist with! In addition to helping with the search, we can offer onboarding consulting for those individuals who we place, which includes executive coaching and support in areas like talent retention, leadership development, succession planning, and executive coaching. For newer companies, we can make sure their business organization is on the right track to help maximize their business objectives.

The work we do that matches what an outplacement consulting firm might do is also important, especially in the coming years. Providing that outreach for former employees is a great way to strengthen your business and match talent with need, which ends up benefiting both parties. It really is all about who you know and what they can do for you!

Why is Having the Right People So Important?

Making a poor hiring decision can be costly for your business...literally. According to the United States Department of Labor, the average cost of making a poor hiring choice is around 30% of the potential first year earnings. Plus, it can have ripple effects down through the entire company. If the individual is in a leadership position, chances are he or she is not managing his or her subordinates correctly or in the most efficient manner, which can lead to a lack of productivity, resentment, and decreased profits.

Having the right kind of leaders, however, can do wonders for your business. Employee retention rates can go up and increased happiness, satisfaction, and financial gains can be increased around the company. Given that almost 3 million workers left their jobs of their own volition at the end of June 2015 and according to Jobvite, over half of employed workers are open to looking at new job opportunities even if they're not actively looking, employee retention is key in this competitive market.

Other measures like employee recognition programs, increasing diversity in gender and ethnicity, and providing a structured onboarding program can also be beneficial to businesses in recruiting and retaining top talent. Whether it's an outplacement consulting firm or a need for an HR executive search, look us up and let us know how we can help you.