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February 2018

How To Encourage Multi-Generational Collaboration In Your Organization

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Today's workplace has more age groups operating together than ever before -- and some professionals would argue that these generations could not be more different. Unlike the steadfast baby boomers, six out of 10 "job hopping" millennials reported being open to a new job at any time. So, with these radically different views on work, how can you get members of different generations to work together productively?

Fortunately, with some restructuring and career development, you can easily encourage these collaborations. Once your executive search firm finds a diverse pool of candidates, you can make age an attribute rather than a downfall. These tips can get you started.

Focus on the individual, not their generational stereotype.

Remember that your employees are people with unique characteristics, not a stereotype at the mercy of their generational profile. Treat them as such. You'd be surprised how much potential you can unlock when you let yourself see an employee for who they truly are.

Develop diverse teams.

While you want the strongest people on various teams for projects, be mindful of who you put on this team. Challenge your notions of who is qualified and put employees of various ages together.

Be open to change.

Once you encourage this collaboration, your employees will likely want to create change. Ask how you can support this innovation and give them the tools to do so. While you are the manager, remember that your employees have valid ideas that you haven't even thought of yet.

Encourage a culture of transparency.

The best way to learn how your company can improve is to actually listen to your employees. Consider speaking to them in small groups to encourage everyone to use their voice while eliminating the pressure of a one-on-one meeting.

Open opportunities for learning.

Pay attention to your employee's skills and encourage them to be mentors to each other. Every professional has something different to bring to the table, so consider how you can unlock this.

By eliminating generational boundaries and diversifying the approach of your executive search firm, you can build effective business solutions and tap into everyone's true potential. Since all of your employees chose to work for the same company, they likely have more in common than they believe. As a manager, you should use your authority to encourage this collaboration.