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January 2019

How SEO Can Help Your Human Resources Department Find The Right Hires

How SEO Can Help Your Human Resources Department Find The Right Hires

Human resources handle many aspects of employee life and engagement, but one of the department's main jobs is to bring new people into the fold when necessary. Despite the simplistic nature of that role, it is no easy task: many companies struggle relentlessly with high turnover rates as employees continue to jump ship, costing time and money to every party involved. Nearly 36% of executives quote "poor skills match" as the explanation for a failed hire, and search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to prevent problems like that from occurring in the first place.

What Is SEO?
Search engine optimization is a tried and true way of getting websites ranked higher -- and therefore placed more visible to the general public -- on search engines like Google. While human resources recruiters won't be using it in the exact same way, the idea remains the same: use specific keywords and content in your job postings to ensure that the right people are seeing them based on their search; this allows your open positions to be found even if a candidate does not know your company name and performs a Google search using generic job titles or locations.

Why Does It Matter?
When you consider the time and money that are lost when a hire doesn't mesh well with the company culture or refuses to abide by the company rules, the answer is clear -- better hires are found when more qualified individuals have access to the job postings. Human resources recruiters can spend weeks going through every single application and candidate, or they can narrow that number down to a select few from the very beginning by utilizing SEO practices.

Best of all, there are plenty of HR executive search firms in existence to do the work for you so you don't have to. If the idea of implementing search engine optimization tactics, or establishing a mobile optimization plan is overwhelming and confusing, there are professionals out there with extensive experience doing just that. Ironically enough, they only take a simple Google search to find.