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October 2018

How Dedicated HR Personnel Can Transform Your Startup

A 2016 Gallup poll found that 6 in 10 Millennials are interested in moving into a new job at any time. As a result, the "job hopping" generation is putting quite a strain on traditional HR departments. And while some startup owners assume that only large companies need a dedicated HR department, the lack of one will result in your managers wasting a lot of their precious time toiling through traditional HR work in addition to their already strained workloads.

By utilizing HR strategies for startups, you'll be able to help your business run more efficiently. Here are the ways an HR executive will transform your startup.

Promoting Positive Work-Place Culture

Talented human resources personnel are many company's secret weapons. They don't simply dictate policy and deliver punishments. Startup HR personnel can work to transform the workplace culture of your office into a people-first environment. They utilize modern business strategies and work to connect your office values to your employees.

In fact, HR strategies for startups are essential if you want to build the kind of company culture that leads to explosive and sustainable growth. No more, "Did you hear? Joe got called to HR, I wonder what he did?" scenarios. Instead, your HR team will use their business experience to analyze employee satisfaction and use that data to support your workplace culture. The better the workplace culture, the lower employee turnover, making your startup so fun that even those "job-hopping" Millennials will be reluctant to leave.

Improving the Hiring and Onboarding Process

A dedicated and experienced HR professional can help you manage the hiring and onboarding process, which, let's be honest, can feel very tedious at times. As your startup continues to expand, each new-hire results in time that your leadership team could be working on more important business. HR professionals are also experienced in working with your new team members to set expectations and acclimate them to the workplace culture and environment.

Hiring dedicated HR personnel is a smart business decision that should not be overlooked by even the smallest startup. Though many of the traditional HR forms and documents can be managed by any member of your team, having a person dedicated to improving and maintaining the workplace culture significantly improves team morale and employee retention.