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August 2017

Don't Struggle Finding The Right Executive!

Don't Struggle Finding The Right Executive!

In June of 2015, a massive 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their place of employment, a 25% increase from two years prior. Workers quitting is a nightmare for any HR department; it results in a loss of productivity and hinders the company until a replacement can be found. At the executive level, however, it could mean the stalling of an entire department's development for months at a time.

The new executive has to be briefed, trained, brought up to speed on what's expected of them, and then has to take the reins of their department. This means meeting with their key personnel and getting a handle on what can be improved or what issues to address.

This is, of course, assuming you find such an individual.

So, how do you find an executive -- someone that has the knowledge and skills to run or manage a large project, department, or branch? You could recruit from within, as many companies do. You could reach out and accept blind applications, weeding through hundreds of candidates and dozens of interviews to find the right one.

Or you could reach out to HR executive search firms, who specialize in talent acquisition and filtering through the individuals that may not be the best suited for your company.

Instead of weeding through dozens of blind applications and candidates, these executive search consultant service agencies will provide a list of potential individuals for your consideration. These individuals will have been chosen for their ability to handle your needs, and possess the knowledge and experience required to assist your company.

HR executive search firms specialize in recruiting managers, vice-presidents, directors, senior managers, and senior vice-presidents. Their job is to find the best in these fields that they can and find a position that suits them.

When massive amounts of employees leave your organization it can lead to restructuring issues, budget cuts, project terminations and other measures. Your organization can save time and money by allocating the hiring process to outside help as much as possible and making the final decision between choice candidates supplied by reputable HR consulting services.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. Don't let your organization be hindered. Contact an HR consulting service today.