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December 2017

Don't Believe Secondhand Rumors: The Truth About Outplacement Services

Don't Believe Secondhand Rumors: The Truth About Outplacement Services

An outplacement service company can provide great benefits to companies that are laying off or terminating employees. Unfortunately, the knowledge that a business leader has about outplacement services is typically secondhand. This leads to many misconceptions about outplacement consulting firms, which may cloud notions of how the service can help. So in order to help you understand outplacement companies better, and how our services may assist you, here are some of the most common misconceptions and the truths behind them:

Outplacement Companies are for Entry-Level Positions Only

This is perhaps the most common misconception about outplacement services. Many people assume that only entry-level employees can benefit from the services that outplacement companies offer. However, the truth is that all employees can benefit from these services, including those at the executive-level. The only differences between the types of placement service are the employment strategies involved.

Outplacement Is Only for Job Seekers

The goal of outplacement companies isn't just to find work for workers. There are benefits for those people who aren't seeking an immediate position, too. An outplacement service can help a worker transition into self-employment or contract work, for example. In this case, an outplacement firm would help an individual develop a plan for their future.

Outplacement Services Only Apply to Large Business

It's true that most larger companies utilize the services of an outplacement agency, but the service is open to companies of all sizes. There are flexible pricing options that make outplacement affordable for any business' budget. In addition to this, they will provide assistance for any number of workers and not just those laid off in large numbers.

Only for Displaced Workers

There is a misconception among workers that outplacement services are only beneficial for workers who lose their jobs, but the truth is that these services are also extremely beneficial for employees who are still working. Career counseling from an outplacement service can offer solutions to employees who may be facing challenges in their current position. These types of services may benefit Millennial employees, who, having six in 10 workers open to a new job at any time, are perhaps the most open to a change in scenery.

Outplacement services are extremely beneficial for business leaders and their employees, and you deserve to know the truth about them. Don't let misconceptions from secondhand rumors steer you wrong.