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November 2017

Considering Searching For New Employment? Try A Professional Placement Agency

Retention An Issue In Your Company? Hire An HR Executive Search Firm To Help

If your company isn't one of the many with employee recognition programs, which have seen an increase in happiness in 86% of businesses, it might be time to find a new place of employment. However, if you're like many working professionals, it could have been years since you last dusted off the resume and entered the job market.

It can be difficult restructuring your resume with all the new experiences you have or finding the right skills to highlight to make it past the human resources trash pile at a company. This is especially true if you haven't job searched in a long time.

And that's where a job placement agency can come in.

A professional job placement agency lives and breathes matching quality talent with the right talent acquisition agents in major companies. No matter if that talent is an executive or your standard employee. Unlike the typical employee, which could have been off the market for years, these professionals have been working daily in the hiring business.

And that can matter a great deal, as the job market can change dramatically in the two or three years that your average employee spends off the market. Skills that were guaranteed jobs three years ago might not have that same quality today. An agency can provide a great insight to a prospective employee.

And on the topic of insight, a frustrating aspect of the job search is that you don't often get any feedback on why you're not right for the role you're applying for. A job placement agency can tell you what roles you're fit for and direct you to businesses that have the openings best for you.

They're also full of opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be available to other job seekers, with confidential job listings that aren't on your typical online sites. This means you have a better chance at getting the career you want, in the field you want, than someone without an agency's help.

So if you're looking to leave behind your current company, like many professionals will this year, and pursue something more fitted towards your skills and passions, consider using a professional job placement agency. You'll have more opportunities, and more guidance, than you'd otherwise have.