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September 2018

An Easy Breakdown To The Human Resources Recruiting Process

An Easy Breakdown To The Human Resources Recruiting Process

According to a recent survey by Robert Half, a third of the 1,400 surveyed executives felt that the top factor that leads to a failed hire, outside of performance issues, is a poor skills match, and the second most common reason was unclear performance objectives. Make sure that your human resources recruiting process is at its most efficient by following these steps.

Recruitment Planning

Developing a recruitment plan is imperative to see the right candidates apply for the job. The human resources team will first have to identify the vacancies by receiving recruitment requests from the company's various departments. These departments should also specify if they're looking for permanent or temporary and full or part-time workers. Human resources staffers will then have to perform a job analysis that determines what tasks are involved in the job, how to perform them, and what qualifications and skills are necessary to do it well. From this analysis, they create the job description posting.


In this step, a strategy for recruiting potential candidates is developed. These various strategies can include setting up a search committee, hiring talent acquisition services, posting to job boards, and contacting employment agencies. These various outlets can direct your posting to groups that you want to advertise to. There are specific job boards for different careers like artists, writers, and more. Your company could also consider searching internally for the position. A job search can be simplified by looking at candidates to promote or transfer within the company, gathering referrals from current employees, and contacting previous applicants or former employees.


Once candidates have sent in applications, the human resources recruiting team will need to review resumes and cover letters. The most important details to consider in these documents are their education, work experience, and overall background matches the job. Recruiters should look out for long gaps in employment, how long a candidate stayed at each job and any lack of career progression. The next step in screening is conducting telephone or video interviews to verify that candidates are still interested in the position. These preliminary interviews also give interviewers an idea if they are a good fit. After the human resources recruiting team has screened candidates, they make a shortlist of five to ten resumes for hiring managers to review.

While a hiring manager will finish out the process by interviewing candidates and making the final decision, following a comprehensive recruitment strategy will ensure that the right candidates will get far and any who are not a good fit don't get the job.