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December 2016

5 Ways to Increase Employee Happiness in Your Workplace Today

Many people believe that achieving success will lead to happiness, when in reality, that way of thinking is backwards. When it comes down to it, happiness is a top factor in achieving career success.

Happy people are more productive, more motivated, and more optimistic. They are better leaders, better team players, and better motivators for their peers. Therefore, when you have satisfied employees, your whole business reaps the benefits. Here are five ways you can increase productivity by promoting happiness in your workplace.

  1. Show recognition and respect. Believe it or not, a whole 86% of companies with employee recognition programs experience an increase in overall worker happiness. That is because people have an innate need to feel respected and appreciated. Take pride in your employees and they will take pride in their work.
  2. Encourage autonomy. Employees are happier when they feel that they are in control of their work. For the most part, micro-managing only leads to the opposite of its intended result. Allow your employees to do what works for them (within reason) to get the job done. As long as the end result is positive, does it really matter how they got there?
  3. Hire the right employees. Effective talent acquisition is the key. We all know that just one negative person can change the mood of an entire room. To keep everyone happy and optimistic, human resources executive recruiters recommend that you start by hiring positive individuals. Make sure HR executive search firms are not just looking at a prospective new hire’s resume. After all, one of the best predictors of a worker’s success is their attitude. Hire a happy person, and the joy will spread.
  4. Get to know your employees. Establishing a good employee-manager relationship is essential. Be genuine, listen to them, and truly connect with them on a personal level. Instead of feeling stressed or anxious every time you walk into a room, your employees will be happy to see you.
  5. Provide opportunities for growth. Employees will feel happier if they have something to strive for. To eliminate boredom and to maximize motivation, encourage continued learning and career advancement. Most importantly, make it clear that their efforts will be recognized and compensated.

Above all, make sure you relax. Your employees will take cues from you. If you are happy and calm, your employees will likely feel the same.

If you need help getting the cycle going, discuss effective hiring practices with experienced human resources executive recruiters.