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June 2018

5 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit From Using Executive Search Firms

5 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit From Using Executive Search Firms

Companies use executive search firms when they need to hire someone for an executive job that is important and senior enough to where investment is warranted. When you're looking for leadership talent like an executive, you don't want to hire just anyone. Here are some reasons your company should use executive search firms to fill your next leadership position.

They save you time

When you're hiring for a leadership position, you might get dozens of applicants that are not even close to a match for your company. You can waste a lot of time interviewing and screening all of those candidates. Executive search firms will only bring you a handful of researched, interviewed, and screened applicants to save you time.

They find the best candidates

As stated above, executive search firms eliminate the piles of resumes you may get for a leadership position and only bring you the best of the best candidates for the position. This can also save you money because you aren't wasting resources screening, interviewing, and even training the wrong people.

They find passive candidates

A passive candidate is one that is already employed and not looking for a new job, but they are the ones you want. They have the experience and talent you're looking for. A job posting won't catch their attention, but an executive search firm will.

They are experts

Your small business can post a job opening for an executive position, but it's not the same as using executive search consultant services. Executive search firms have connections with top executives that they have built up over the years and have access to an incredible exclusive network of people.

They fit to your company

Your company is unique, so your search should be too. An executive search firm will take on a fresh search perspective to make sure they are finding the best fit for your small business. They know where to find the candidates that will work best for you.

Robert Half recently released a survey revealing that one-third (36%) of the 1,400 executives involved in the survey felt the biggest reason for a failed hire, besides performance issues, was a poor skill match. The second leading reason at 30% was unclear performance objectives. Executive search firms can help eliminate those problems because they save you time, find the best candidates (even if they are passive ones), they're experts, and they work to fit your company's needs.