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February 2018

4 Ways Improve Successful Hiring Rates

Don't Believe Secondhand Rumors: The Truth About Outplacement Services

A recent survey on what leads to a failed hire revealed that poor skills match was the top factor, with 36% of executives responding this way. The next most common reason, at 30%, was the employees had different expectations of performance objectives. The process of hiring can be massively expensive and a failed hire has the potential to set your company back in a big way. Here are some suggestions on how you can streamline your hiring process and find the right fit on the first try.

  1. Clear Communication
    The underlying issue with most failed hires, whether due to mismatched skills or misunderstood expectations, is a lack of clear and precise communication. If the person in charge of hiring can make it clear exactly what the job is and what it entails, prospective employees will know whether or not it is something they can do or would like doing.
  2. A Day In The Life
    A good way to put a finalist to the test is to see if they enjoy a paid trial day at the office. This is not only a great way to introduce them to co-workers, but also an excellent way to see how they feel about being in their position long term.
  3. Cultural Fit
    Sometimes when things don't work out it is due to a complete difference in cultural views. This might not seem like a big deal, but getting along with coworkers and meshing with the prevailing group ideology will play a huge role in a new hire's happiness.
  4. Include Others
    There's an office full of people sitting right there. Bring some of them in for the interview. This can give you multiple different opinions on a new hire and is a preliminary test of cultural compatibility.

If you are having a hard time with failed hires, consult an executive search firm for a better understanding of a potential hire's goals and ambitions. At executive search firms, a lot of work is put into making an interview feel relaxed and authentic. A career placement agency wants to know exactly who someone is and what they are looking for before connecting them with an employer. This facilitates better potential candidate pools from the start. Call today to get started on finding the right person to hire.