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June 2018

4 Secrets for Hiring the Best Employees for Your Company

4 Secrets for Hiring the Best Employees for Your Company

When hiring new employees for your company, you may not know who you’re looking for, which qualifications the potential employee should have, or what to avoid. If you’re in the process of searching for a new employee and want to learn more about hiring the best for the available career, keep reading!

Look for People Who Aren’t Looking for You

When conducting an executive search, one of the best ways to find the best candidate is to reach out to people who aren’t looking for jobs. Often, the best executives don’t know what’s out there and think they are happy in their current position. You want to hire the best talent, not just the best talent from the group of people looking for work. Have your HR recruiters do a search and reach out to people on different career building sites. Have your Human Resources team tell the potential employees that you’re doing an executive search and even though they aren’t looking for a position, you are looking to fill one. Offer the opportunity to chat, and even if they aren’t looking, chances are they’d be willing to take a moment to learn about your company.

Take a Look at Your Company

In order to find someone who wants to join your team, you need to step back and see if your company is really worth working for. Think about what your company offers, whether it be free lunch on Fridays or the type of benefits you offer to your employees. If you don’t think you’d like to work in a place like your own company, potential employees probably won’t take a second look, either.

Don’t Depend on People Reaching Out to You Via Ads or Personal Connections

In the hiring world, it’s all about how you brand your business. Most of the time when people aren’t looking for jobs, they won’t know that you have anything available. You need to make it a point to get your company’s name out there. Create a company page on sites like LinkedIn and feature things that make your business stand out from the rest. If your company is a Fortune 500 and is run by a woman, more people might be inclined to want to work for you. In fact, the percentage of female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies topped 5% for the first time in Q1 2017, with 27 women leading major firms. LinkedIn is a great resource as many people looking to build their network will often “follow” or connect with different people and companies. You can post your available positions on your page to reach people who follow you. Even if they didn’t think they were looking for a new job, they will see your opportunity and potentially go for it.

Keep a List of Potential People to Hire in the Future

If there are specific people you would love to have on your team, make note of their names and keep them on file. Have your HR team reach out to them from time to time during your executive search and stay in contact with them. Get to know them on a personal level and keep an eye on what they’re doing with their career. The longer you stay in touch with them and the more you try to do so, the better chance you have of recruiting them one day.

Hiring isn’t easy, but it can be a lot easier if you know who and what you’re looking for. Take a look at a few of the tips listed above when conducting your company's executive search.