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April 2018

3 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Workplace

3 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Workplace

Understanding your employees is a key component of running a business; it's one thing to make sure your numbers look good and you're making money, but keeping your employees happy may actually make a big difference. Instead of solely focusing on things like revenue or productivity, and shifting the focus to the well being of the employees, those concrete numbers may be affected positively.

Human resources consultants will certainly agree that a restructure of a business to reflect the ideas listed above can be extremely beneficial. One major force behind this change in focus can be traced to the millennials and their semi-recent entrance into the workforce. There's a lot to say about this generation, but they seem to be making a lot of changes, many of them for the better. Here are three ways millennials are impacting the workforce in a big way.

They Change Jobs Often

Millennials are known as the "Job Hopping Generation," according to a poll by Gallup in 2016. This poll displayed that six out of 10 millennials are open to a new job at any given time, more than any other generation. This is certainly a change, considering up until recently, it was not uncommon for an individual to stay at one company for 20 years or more, and even for their entire career.

They Ask for Raises

Millennials are not afraid of asking for what they want. They often change jobs when they're not getting the salary rate they want and believe they deserve. Millennials view a good paying job as very important, according to NBC News, and this monetary value is often the motivator for changing jobs.

They Want Work Flexibility

Traditional careers often looked like this: consistent nine to five hours Monday through Friday, the same desk, the same office, and the same people, for upwards of 20 years. Millennials don't necessarily want that. They want to be able to come into work when it's convenient for them, within reason. Flex hours are often desired by this generation. They also often love the idea of working from home or otherwise out of the office when they can.

Human resources deal with employee well being, and it's important to know what your employees want in order to maintain their sense of well being. Understanding the millennial generation could put your company one step ahead of everyone else.