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February 2018

3 Expected Human Resources Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2018

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Over the past few years, the human resources industry has made a lot of changes regarding culture and performance issues within companies. However, we have something today that hasn't been fully utilized yet in the HR world: technology. Experts are expecting a large shift in the way HR firms use technology to find, screen, and hire candidates. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few of the predicted HR trends for next year.

  1. Remote Work Environments: More and more employers are choosing to give their employees the opportunity to work virtually. In fact, the United States has seen the number of employees working at least partially remotely quadruple over the past two decades. Due to the increasing use of VPN technology, employees have easier access to work systems from almost any computer. For executive search consultant services, this makes it possible to recruit from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, offering this type of job environment may make it possible to find a larger pool of candidates. As for current employees, this opportunity can help retain and boost job satisfaction.
  2. Searching for Passive Candidates: While headhunting for passive candidates has continuously been a part of the human resources recruiting process, it's becoming easier and more widespread thanks to technology. When HR consultants begin gathering their talent pool, they have the opportunity to use platforms like social media to identify and contact potential candidates. By using online platforms to search for candidates, recruiters can easily get a sense of their current situation and if they'd be interested in making a career change.
  3. Use of Gamification: An increase in the use of gamification is expected to be seen across a variety of industries. Whether it's for marketing, teaching, or hiring purposes, the method of turning engagement into a competitive game format can be used for a variety of tasks. Among hiring consultants and executive search consultant services, gamification can be used to screen candidates. This may be done by turning tests of desired skill sets and abilities into fun, engaging activities. In doing this, both the employer and candidate are benefited. Not only does the candidate have a fun way to show their potential to employers, but hiring staff can track critical data needed for the hiring process.

Human resource departments all around the world are making drastic changes to fit today's candidate pools. Employee retention is becoming a priority with so many people choosing to make changes in their careers. In fact, there was a 25% increase in two years with 2.7 million employees choosing to leave their jobs at the end of June 2015. Executive search consultant services are adapting to the changing workforce and ensuring their methods are the best way to reach the best candidates.