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Currently the fastest growing technology hub on the west coast, Seattle began as a modest coastal seaport city and chief exporter of timber. Who would guess that a century and a half later, after functioning as a gateway to the Alaskan frontier during the Klondike gold rush of the late 19th century and internationally recognized trade port for much of the 20th, Seattle would begin yet another population boom, with the founding of corporate giants Microsoft, Amazon, and T-Mobile solidifying its role at the forefront of the technological revolution. Today, the Greater Seattle area is home to the newest crop of y-combinators, ready to embrace the laid-back yet ambitious drive of the talent pool here to help them achieve their dreams.

Affectionately ribbed as “Silicon Sound”, the Greater Seattle metropolitan area, namely Seattle, Tacoma, Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue and Renton, has long drawn cross-industry innovators with particular expertise in the aerospace, logistics, software, gaming and cloud spaces. The largest beneficiary of relocated, experienced talent in engineering, sales, and marketing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Puget Sound has recently been the go-to escape from the pace of life and funding frenzy of Silicon Valley. In response, the past year has seen many established Silicon Valley companies opening engineering and R&D offices in the region to continue tapping into this talent pool.

Despite its close proximity to Portland, Boise and Vancouver BC, Seattle has had little trouble competing for the outgoing talent from the San Francisco Bay Area, with the lack of state income tax all but guaranteeing success in the arena. However, the influx of talent has also begun to drive up the cost-of-living index, with housing prices and compensation all trending continuously higher. The main focus of larger conglomerates in the next few years is talent retention and development, with companies investing heavily in their L&D teams and executive coaches to ensure a solid succession plan. Conversely, younger companies are beginning to feel the pinch of increasing market pricing and have narrowed their focus primarily to two areas: talent acquisition and developing a solid employment brand in the market, and first-time manager training to ensure their new hires are onboarded and coached for success.

Our close proximity to Puget Sound and expertise in the technology space has made us the go-to HR advisors to Puget Sound clients and HR executives for over 20 years, with our successful projects in the region numbering in the hundreds. Whether you’re looking for 360s for your executive team, an assessment of your HR infrastructure as you gear up for immense growth, a completely new compensation plan to remain competitive in the tough talent market, or a new Senior Vice President of HR or Head of Global Talent to bring fresh energy to your talent organization, we know the HR market here better than every other firm.

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