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Fondly known as the city that never sleeps, Greater New York has long been the most populous and globally influential metropolis in the United States. Along with hosting the headquarters of the United Nations, New York’s prestige extends into the realms of finance, commerce, media, art, high fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. As the global center of economics and trade, the weight of the world’s eyes continue to rest on New York as it ponders the next trends in businesses of all ilk.

The combined New York-New Jersey-Connecticut-Pennsylvania region, encompassing New York City, Newark, Jersey City, Yonkers, Paterson, Bridgeport, Elizabeth, Stamford, New Haven, Allentown, Waterbury, Edison, Norwalk, Trenton, Danbury, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains and Passaic, is most often portrayed as a finance and entertainment-centric region. In recent years, however, Silicon Alley has usurped the growth crown, with its cloud, media, software, biotech, gaming, fintech, and technology companies boasting the greatest investment and year-on-year headcount and revenue growth in the region. Of note, the biotech growth trajectory has been increasing the most in the past few quarters.

In a tough competition with Silicon Valley for talent of all functions, Silicon Alley has brought their A-game. Prepared to do what it takes to land the best candidates and stem the brain drain of Ivy Leaguers who have dreams of finding gold out west, New York companies have begun aggressively targeting their employment branding to draw in the artistic, disruptive crowd. Dangling similar perks to draw in talent, compensation packages are now on par with San Francisco and Silicon Valley standards, and among the highest in the world. Surprisingly enough, financial firms are facing the biggest obstacles in the war for talent, with more and more new grads and executives alike opting to risk their careers in the high-stakes world of startup technology to chase a billion-dollar valuation over the potential millions to be pocketed from investment banking.

Despite being headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, our firm has helped New Yorkers weather the ups and downs of multiple boom and bust cycles for the past 20 years, including successful executive coaching and placements of relocation candidates in Greater New York conglomerates. Whether you’re looking for executive coaching as a first-time CEO, CFO or CTO, compensation consulting to ensure all your ducks are in a row for your imminent IPO, HR expertise to plan out employee and cultural integration for a recent acquisition, or an experienced Senior Vice President of HR or Chief HR Officer to effectively position your People or Talent organizations for the day you ring the bell, we know the global HR market better than every other firm.

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