Frederickson Partners is often quoted in the media as a reliable and expert source for information on recent labor market trends, career and job search issues, and general human resource management.

"Why My Company Started Helping Our Best Employees Quit"
Fast Company, October 25, 2016
"6 Common Thank-You Note Mistakes That Hiring Managers Hate"
Fast Company, September 13, 2016
"7 Questions For Spotting Employers’ Hidden Flaws On A Job Interview"
Fast Company, September 2, 2016
"6 Reasons Why Your Company's Board Still Isn't Very Diverse"
Fast Company, August 10, 2016
"Are You Ready to Handle Political Tensions in the Workplace?"
ERE Media, July 11, 2016
"Why CEOs Fire CHROs And How To Avoid Being Canned"
ERE Media, June 15, 2016
"Are Engineers Increasingly Picking Detroit As A Workplace Over Silicon Valley?"
Yahoo Finance, June 13, 2016
"Detroit Battles for the Soul of Self-Driving Machines"
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“Tech Companies Help Women Get Back to Work”
Wall Street Journal, April 10, 2016
“Huh, Maybe We Should Hire Women”
New York Magazine, April 11, 2016
"Twitter Bets on Payouts to Rein in Talent Flight"
Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2016
“Free Spending by Startups Stir Memories of Dot-Com Era Excesses”
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“How Amazon Hires: No Mistakes Allowed”
Business2Community, July 24, 2014
“How Amazon Involves Current Employees in the Hiring Process”
Fast Company, January 13, 2014
“Amazon’s Current Employees Raise the Bar for New Hires”
Wall Street Journal, January 7, 2014
“Social Referrals Save Companies Time and Money”
Workforce, November 5, 2012
“The San Jose Tech Hub” (Part 1)
KGO 810 San Francisco, October 26, 2012
“The San Jose Tech Hub” (Part 2)
KGO 810 San Francisco, October 26, 2012
“Silicon Valley’s Stock Funk”
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“Six tips for making vacation work for you”
Daily News, July 10, 2012
“At Apple, Cloud Experts Wanted”
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“De rocksterren van Silicon Valley (The rock stars of Silicon Valley)”
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“Schools Struggle Even as Businesses Thrive”
Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2011
“Google Battles to Keep Talent”
Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2010
“Apple, Google, Intel, other tech firms admit secret agreements to not poach employees”
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“Valerie Frederickson talks about Human Capital consulting — and living in Menlo Park”
InMenlo, June 7, 2010
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“Top Influencers v1.25 Valerie Frederickson – The Sage”
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Suite101, February 15, 2010
“Outplacement Services Report Rising Demand”
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“The Economy in Silicon Valley”
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Wired, February 20, 2008
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“Un Despido Complicado”
Portafolio, Columbia, May 6, 2006
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Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2006
“A Return to the Dot-Com Boom? In Some Ways, Google's Purchase of YouTube Makes It Seem Like 1999 Again”
ABC News October 11, 2006
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The San Francisco Chronicle July 30, 2006
“Staffing – Winning the War”
NAFA Fleet Executive Magazine December 2005
“Fighting Lower Finance Salaries”, October 1, 2005
“Depositions Require Skills Leaders Don't Use on the Job”
Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2005
“Depositions Require Specific Management Skills”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 26, 2005
“Room at the Top – Honing People Skills is Key to Keeping High Level Executive Positions”
The Business Journal Fresno Kings Madera Tulare, March 18, 2005
“Fiorina Severance Package Raises Eyebrows in Silicon Valley”
NPR, Morning Edition, Business Section, February 15, 2005
“During divestitures, sellers increasingly perform their own HR due diligence to put people assets in the best light and get the best price.”
HR Magazine, September 2004
“Who Will be Scapegoat in Iraq Abuse Scandal?”
Media General News Service, May 17, 2004
“More Firms Treating Bonuses as Awards”
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San Francisco Chronicle, December 2003
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“Protecting Your Benefits After the Pink Slip”
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San Francisco Chronicle, December 13, 2000
“Trends And Issues: "Employees Need to Know About Firings”
Sacramento Bee, December 11, 2000
“Dressing Down: Lawyers Shedding Suits and Ties to Match Casual Look of Their Dot-com Clients”
San Francisco Chronicle, September 7, 2000
“Dress for Interview Success: You Needn't Always be Formal, But You Must Show You're Conscientious”
San Jose Mercury News, July 17, 2000
“eProNet Boasts 100,000+ Online Database of Alumni Talent”, June 23, 2000
“New Economy: The Technology Sector's Financial Downdraft has Done Little to Ease the Shortage of Qualified Employees in Silicon Valley”
New York Times, June 12, 2000
“New Dry Cleaning Service Seeks Dot-Com Riches”
San Francisco Chronicle, March 13, 2000
“Power Trips: Tame Treks Don't do it for Technos who Make Real Work out of Having Fun”
San Francisco Chronicle, August 2, 1999
“Young, Rich, Now What? - Tech Millionaires Face the Rest of Their Lives”
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“Boss’ ‘Pet’ Disheartens Co-Workers”
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“Resolve to Succeed in a Job Change in ’98”
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“Starting the Year off Right”
San Jose Mercury News, December 31, 1997
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San Francisco Chronicle, December 29, 1997
“How to Moonlight Successfully”
San Jose Mercury News, August 20, 1997

“Making Meeting Productive: Come in Prepared, Stay on Track, End on Time”
San Jose Mercury News, May 21, 1996


Valerie Frederickson is a frequent keynote speaker and subject-matter expert at regional and global HR conferences and industry events. Topics range from talent acquisition and retention, to company culture and impact, to the strategic shift of your HR generalists into a business partner roles.

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